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Do we have the technology to construct a time machine to travel back in time and or to the future?

There are several movies made about time travel .Is this still science fiction or is there a fesability to construct such a machine ?


  1. If we can travel at the speed of light, anything is possible. For now, time travelling is still a science fiction.

  2. he// no. do you have any idea about the amount of power needed to make a stable enough hole in space-time? roughly one billion suns. get back to me when we have that much power

  3. Still science fiction. We would be a lot closer if we discovered time was actually separate “frames.” Then we could at least wrap our heads around the possibility and then go to the question of design: what kind of vehicle can cross the frames.
    But if there are no such frames, it will likely be science fition forever. Maybe time just goes one way for those who live and think in it.

  4. Back in time…no.
    Forward in time…sort of. We are living in such a time machine. It goes only into the future and along one path with no return possible.

  5. Studies have shown that the amount of energy needed to travel back in time for only a fraction of a second would be so immense that time travel back to…say….a year ago or more, would be pretty much impossible.
    Time travel also creates a paradox in time. For example, if you went back to 1940, before you were born, and shot your grandfather before your Dad was born, it would be impossible for you to travel back to the present, because you, in fact, wouldn’t exist.

  6. until no.
    it is still science fiction.But if you can travel in light velocity,you can travel back in time but not to the future.

  7. It is beyond the understanding of most beings existing in a 3-dimensional universe to fathom a type of travel requiring the use of the 4th. However, I suspect that when we pass to the spiritual world we may be able to travel as you describe.
    Via the first method, known as trading time for distance, you might arrive in the next solar system today but in reality 100,000 years have passed and hopefully your destination still exists. The other side of the equation would translate to travel without motion,
    in effect warping time while remaining still, one would move forward or backward in time at the same location.
    It is, of course, unfortunate that a spirit has serious issues making choices and decisions and affecting changes requiring physical interaction, once again highlighting the frustrating ways in which our universe constantly balances us to compromise one end in order to attain the other.
    In conclusion, a spirit can travel to and from at will, at least until the end of time, but can not take physical action from their dimension. Meanwhile, the physical beings can, but are limited in their travels to the 3 dimensions which encompass their existence.

  8. UFO technology can let us go faster than light . it seems element 115 is long lasting and non ionizing ,no radiation . this is a most excellent power source . >light speed = 4th D travel .definitely future travel , going back I’m not so sure .

  9. I’m sure there are studies. Right now it’s only Science Fiction. First you’d have to prove time was a place you could visit. and if so if it had a limit, or is it infinite. There are a lot of factors which figure in to time travel. Theoretically you could travel in time by going the speed of light in a rocket ship, but that’s not possible yet either. If, of course, you could warp time in a limited area that might also let you time travel, but might have dreadful side effects and then, if you travel in time would that affect the time traveler? If you went back before you were born would you disappear? If you developed such a device would that alter the present, or the future? As you would not be around past the time you went into the past you would be caught in temporal loop. Unless, of course, you left yourself a note not to travel back that far and then what kind of vehicle would you travel in, or would you be converted into time particles and back. If you traveled in time and interacted with the past would that alter time also. If you travel into the future that might not have been too bad, but in the past that would make a great deal of difference. I hope this helps and isn’t too boring.


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