Do we, as a people, have enough spiritual energy to begin Global healing?

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I believe in One Planet, One People as a motto for us to begin moving in the direction of bringing about a more beneficial status quo that will help us to restore this planet to the paradise it once was, and that better forms of energy can be used that don’t harm the environment or us. Do you agree or disagree?. Please cite your own thinking and not media-hyping links.

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No pride and no prejudice

This is not possible, not everyone wants everyone else to be peaceful and well.


Jesus is returning soon and only the Lord can heal this troubled world.

Aya Rose

Energy research is good. But no, we are not ‘One People’. Some of us are violent individuals.
No, we are not spiritual enough to fix the damage caused in the past 10,000 years of recorded violence. Especially when half our spirituality is consumed reinforcing barriers.

Free at last

I agree. And I believe that more and more people are experiencing the pull of the spirit in that direction. I also believe that what you resist, persists. So I think the way to go is to live the dream and be the change you want to see in the world, as Gandhi expressed so eloquently.

gwen r

I fully agree, but human history is so full of violent insistence that my words are better than your words that I do believe that this spiritual energy is exactly that: spiritual. Beyond the scope of human language. I think it is what I see moving straight from the spirit to the hands without using the mouth as more than an opening to the body’s fuel tank.
Perhaps we are learning how to say it without stimulating the warrior instincts, but… Fighting over translations is an ancient human tradition. So much so that I am not certain we are capable of overcoming it. In the healing of our planet, believe the words are the least important variable in the equation.


yes we as a people do have the energy for this..I believe that there is more believing people in this world than unbelieving ones…
and that if we want to can heal this world…


Ordinary humans refuse to admit their ignorance, and instead keep on making untruthful judgments of others by biological, geographical, political, linguistic terms and many other constructed criteria, which moreover nurture racist and supremacist ideologies. Unless they were given so tough a lesson to realize their ignorance and confess that all names, terms, judgments etc. are substantially meaningless and confess that All is One could the prophecy of Global healing be fulfilled.


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