Do we acquire consciousness because we realize or we realize that is why we acquired consciousness?

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It is a plain question whether man acquired consciousness because of realization or the other way.. Please help me by sharing me your opinions. Thanks!

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We acquire consciousness when we realize the meaning of ‘I’ (the big , I ) .Rest everything is co-incidental in life.

Muthu S

Realization is through consciousness. Everything is through consciousness

kyala c

Your argumentation is fallacious.. i may say..
Realization involves reasoning of a certain truth ad interim, while the process of knowledge assimilation is happening..We can be aware without realizing..
With sense experience, we gather what it passes through our minds.. we realize when our reasoning power tells us what was perceived through our awareness is indeed true or wrong..
That is why we always say ‘I realized i made a mistake’or ‘I realize it’s not what it is’.. In here, careful reasoning has already validated what was perceived, and that which we became aware of.
Consciousness or awareness involves SENSE EXPERIENCE.. only…

jack d

Perhaps consciousness is not aquired at all. Perhaps it is a constant that is realized.

Yaoi Shonen-ai

Conscious is automatic: an infant cannot choose to stop being conscious, and he is concsious the very moment he is born. But the state of of consciousness comes from the faculty of “cognition,” and the material comes from the objects of cognition, called “cognoscenti.”


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