Home Discussion Forum do voodoo dolls really work?

do voodoo dolls really work?

if it does..how can we use it?


  1. I don’t think they do but I’m a big believer in karma. If you wish hurtful or unpleasant things on others, I believe it will eventually backfire and come back on you.

  2. im not sure about dolls but voodoo in general does work but its a really creepy process. there are two types and its pretty much the good and the bad. i believe in the good but as for the bad i tend to stay away from that because it can do harm to people.

  3. Take a plain cotten doll, and you need a snippet of the person’s hair and sew it to the top of the doll’s head (a tiny bit) the put a finger nail inside the center of the doll, you know when you cut your nails, the end, of the victim, them stab it step on throw it it does work

  4. I wouldn’t use them. Especially if you are Wiccan. It is against the Wiccan Rede. But otherwise, I am a big believer of karma. Everything that you do bad comes back to you three times. Good luck with that. bahah.

  5. They sure do. Can you feel this as I push the pins in? want some more? or give me your credit card details and I will heal your doll. LOL.

  6. Voodoo can be very powerful, if someone believes in the power then it can drive them mad, and even to their death. I knew a young lad who believed he had been cursed, and he tried to kill himself on just that knowledge.
    I don’t know if the dolls work, but i do believe that the power of belief can do many things


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