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do u think magic or chakra is real. is it possabol to preform real jutsu?


  1. In a universe filled with infinite possibilities, how can you rule anything out?
    And jujitsu is a form of martial arts, of course it’s possible to perform. It’s a matter of learning how.

  2. ^^He’s talking about jutsu from Naruto. I don’t think magic is possible in the hocus-pocus sense of the word. But I do think the human mind is capable of doing things well outside the realm of normality, such as spiritual healing. I think that is the closest human kind will ever come to performing magic.

  3. I won’t say its a impossibility but the closes thing to using your chakra in the martial arts world that I’ve seen is when masters are able to increase there chakra level at certain points that makes piercing their bodies almost impossible or the iron palm technique brake every bone in a horses body thats as far as anyone out side the temples have seen chakra used technique oh and hitting someone with out physically touching them from a distance but cartoons like naruto take it to an extreme level


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