do u really need a book of shadows?





okay i read on a website in order to do witch craft u need a book of shadows so u CAN’T use a spell that another person put on a website like or other sights like that
is it true? and what do u need for a book of shadows??
but u CAN accually do the spells from other people and they’ll work???


  1. You can do spells from other people, but your own personal spells will usually hold more meaning for you, and will thusly work better for you.
    It’s not imperative that you HAVE a B.O.S., but it will help you to keep track of information that you want to have with you. Most people put a ton of stuff in their bos/grimoires. A list could include:
    -altar setup
    -divination (tarot, runes, etc)
    -bath, food, tincture recipes
    And plenty more. A lot of people like to go all out with their books, I however prefer a simple, more stripped down version. It really is all up to you. I’d say to practice your craft for a while before settling down on whether you want one or not. You shouldn’t feel like you *must* have one.
    Hope it helps.

  2. You dont HAVE to have a book of shadows but it can be really useful for keeping note of what ingredients you used, the incantations said and how effective it was. And you can also refere back to it if you want to use it again.

  3. No, you don’t need any of the tools.
    BOS’s are useful tools, like journals to record your experiences, magical workings, thoughts, research, etc… it’s best to keep your own and make your own spells rather than read them from the internet.
    But when it comes down to it, magic works for people who have studied and researched, disciplined their mind through meditation, and then practiced it.
    If a person has done this, they don’t need a BOS, they can keep their notes on a computer file if they like. They can make a spell they find on a website work for them.
    If a person has not done this, then no BOS or website will help them.
    Don’t worry about the tools, or the methods; worry about the education first.

  4. You can use spells from other people…BUT the problem with that is that it may be a weaker spell than one you wrote yourself. It’s not that you can’t. A book of Shadows is a book that a witch puts more than spells in. A Book of Shadows is not a spell book. It’s a spiritual journal of your path that contains everything a Witch or Wiccan deems important for their path including meditation techniques, correspondences, recipes, information on herbs, stones, etc…spells is but a tiny section in the book of shadows. Mine is contained in three zipper binders and only one small section is labeled spells. Personal journals regarding your practices is also contained in this book. Records of your practices, prayers, etc, questions you have, worries, etc…all go into this book. It’s not necessary to have a book of shadows, but it is helpful to keep your information organized.

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