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Do u believe subconscious mind give u a hind what is going to hppn ???

Subconscious mind ???


  1. Yes absolutely Our subconscious is very strong and he is delivering messages every day He is shedding lots of light everyday but because we do not want to hear it ; well we are lost

  2. Yes. All our experiences in life are stored in your brain for ever. If you come up to a similar situation, all those memories are awakened and sorted out into a solution or that gut feeling you can’t explain. Sleep on it” is a true statement. When you sleep all the activity during your wake ours sort and store in your brain. This is the time when most of your gut feelings are waken and brought out. If the present experience is critical, you will react immediately. I do not believe in fortune telling but I have a very keen way to tell what is going to happen in certain situations because I have many good and bad past experiences and take full advantage of gut feeling.


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