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do u believe in past lifes?

I do,and i am intrested in hearing what others think.Id love to go to get past life regression and one day i def will.If you reply then thanks and if u dont its cool.cheers people.


  1. I am a Hypnotherapist an I have had much experience with this. Wether it is your past life that you are recalling, someone else past life or imagined memories from your (this life) experience is another matter. It is extremely interesting.
    Refering to “imajeobob” below.
    Most regressed people have ordinary past lives and are usualy poor, but you only hear about the one that apear to be related to the royal family etc.
    Like the existance of god. NO ONE KNOWS FOR CERTAIN. but regression is usualy good fun for the client.
    Try it with a Hypnotherapist, one with much experience in this field.
    Refering to “Just my opinion” below.
    You seem to be certain. How do you know.

  2. yes…i think we can come back as many times as we want, we’re here to learn so I don’t think we just get one chance to “get it right”. I also believe that we “map” our own lives before we even get here.

  3. I just dont know sometimes somethings are so familiar or you just warm to a total stranger and feel so connected to stuff that are new.

  4. I believe in reincarnation. That is why they say when you have deja vous you are actually witnessing something from your past life.

  5. The bible says it’s only appointed once for man to come around here in the flesh. Those evil spirits that Jesus cast in the swine and the swine jumped off the cliff into the ocean and died;…those evil spirits still wander this earth and they have been many places and see alot. They can enter into one and make that person think he’s lived a “past life”. The devil is a deceiver and so are his little goonies.

  6. No, but I’ve been saying that since the 3rd century B.C.
    It’s not my original thought, but have you ever noticed how so many of these past life believers used to be part of the Royal Court or a powerful shaman, and how few had to clean the vomitorium in ancient Greece? That ought to say something.

  7. what is TIME? Defined through light and ,shade and darkness there is nothing like time because the sun shines continuosly.
    Life is a continuous phenomena too.We keep changing continuously.
    The different parts of the body can survive through donations to others or transplantation.
    total skin gets replaced many times along with other parts of thebody while we are so called living.
    Life and death keep merging.
    Past, present and future too are inferences from this continous change.
    GOD is experiences by an individual when that person can see beyond this change.
    During the night on one side of the Earth there is day on the opposite side . who is past or who is present is just a conclusion.
    LOVE this planet by merging into the planet and reach the centre you will go over this feeling of past and present.
    It is so simple to hold few grains of dust of this Mother Earth but so difficult to see past , present and future emeging out of them at the same moment.
    LOVE this planet Mother like GOD you willgo past life regression. mraju69@yahoo.com

  8. No I don’t. I believe we are born, live one life, and die. If we have accepted Jesus as our Lord and Savior, that He died on the cross to pay the price for our sins, and have repented of our sins then we go to heaven. We have one life in which to choose Jesus or not.

  9. I don’t believe in past lifes, but I wouldn’t shun it off. I think past lifes will explain a lot of things, but still I don’t have any experience about it, so I’m not just gonna believe in it. Nevertheless, the idea about past lifes actually affect my views.

  10. hi, id like to believe that we live past and future lives as i have a death sentence hanging around my neck @ 41yrs old i have emphysema, im not sure when i will die but id feel better leaving my loved ones if i knew i could come back. I do have dreams that i leave my sleeping body an fly out of a window an around then i feel that i must get back into my body before i wake up or id die? I dont dismiss what i dont know. Thanks


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