Do u agree with Albert Einstein quote about World War 4 ?

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“I do not know with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.” >> That was Albert Einstein’s prediction.
So what is ur opinion about this ? Do u agree ? Why or why not ?

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Jack P

I agree, though I don’t believe WWIII will be necessary to get us there. We’ve done enough without a war to start the train rolling in the right direction.


I think he’s right; after the world gets tired of violence we will only use diplomatic solutions.

Bartemis Crowl

To Anthony, I don’t think Einstein said that quote because he thought that peaceful democracy would take over. I think its more an warning to the fact that if there is a World War III, the weapons used in it will be so destructive that humankind will be pushed back to the stone age or thereabouts. Then, if a WW IV comes about, humanity only has sticks and stones left, no technology, no civilisation.
Personally, the way we are building weapons, especially nucear weapons, I think it is true what Einstein said.


You have to take the time period into account. During the fifties and sixties that was an appropriate statement. Our society is much more enlightened today when considering nukes and the ulitmate destruction of both societies takes precedence. History repeats itself but WW3 will only occur after we have destroyed our environment and WW4 will be fought with stone hammers and spears. Heck, I just proved Einstein right by deduction.

Tree Hugger

nope, we have been in many wars, but we still fight with weapons. we are much too dumb
i admire albert einstien for having hope and optimism, but the truth in the matter of fact is that we are just too dumb, its in human nature


No, I do not agree with that statement and it is not because we are stupid, but because we are smart.
Human intelligence is our curse because we find better and more efficient ways to kill others. Our human intelligence makes us arrogant toward others. If you notice from history the most “advanced” and “sophisticated” cultures (or Empires) had the most destructive wars.
This is just an opinion, but think about it, would you travel hundreds of miles to fight with another country with only sticks and stones? Perhaps after WWIII countries would wait a number of decades and then start fighting with others all over again.


People.How do you miss Einsteins meaning??? It could not be more clear. He means that World War III will result in almost complete destruction and those who survive will have no technology no infrastructure ect…


I believe as in the holy quran give the same prediction


I do not think that human will move to stone age if WW3 and WW4 declared. After two severe wars people are still alive, even with marvelous technology and I believe that in future there will be more innovations that will save people from complete destruction.


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