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Do u agree that most of the Chinese their agama is not Buddha but is Taoism ?


  1. No, apart from the fact that communist china (1 billion of them) basically eschew religion, many of the remainder are catholic and methodist. Taoism is basically more numerological and Buddhism is philosophical, but neither are are really religions in themselves. Buddha never claimed to be god and Taoism is pseudo science.

  2. There is no reliable statistics to show one or the other. I suppose most Chinese worship their ancestors, with some elements of Buddhism, which is really a philosophy of how life should be lived, so “Chinese agama” is a mixture of philosophy for living and cultural traditions(festivals & folk lores)… Even Chinese who are christians still follow cultural customs and celebrate festivals, but they do not go to temples or worship …they celebrate at home, or go to church, as for Chinese New Year…

  3. No, don’t agree on the part where most Chinese are Taoist.
    I would say most Chinese have mix elements of religions and beliefs.
    I think that people take people too seriously in religion.


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