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Do they sell pentagram necklaces at hot topic?

I don’t like worship the devil or anything? But ever since I saw Erica Leerhsen wear one in the movie Blair Witch Hunt 2: Book of Shadows I wanted one because she had one. I’m not sure if there only for like ‘witches’ or ‘wiccans’ or girls or whatever cause I’m a guy? But ever since I saw her wearing one I want one. lol
Ohh then yeah I’m talking about a pentacle not like the evil devil one


  • They used to. That’s where I bought my first pentacle. It was a cheap and ugly piece of crap though, so I would recommend buying one elsewhere. You can get some cheap and cool looking ones on Ebay as well.

    A pentagram is simply a five pointed star. It’s a geometric symbol.
    A pentacle, on the other hand, is a star enclosed in a circle.

  • They are a symbol to ward against evil and harm. Anybody can wear one. no one owns the symbol,
    and there is no “Devil one”. What direction the star points is not important at all.

    and yes they sell them at Hot Topic.

    A pentagram is a circumscribed 5 pointed star.
    A pentacle is an amulet embued for magical evocation. It can be any of thousands of designs or one of your own making. It can be made of parchment, metal, or other materials
    A pentagram can be a pentacle if you make it one, but it does not have to be.
    Most folks using this symbol don’t really even acknowledge a Satan or Devil.
    There are probably some Satanist that use it, but they don’t own the design.
    It is actually an astrological map of the 52 years orbit cycle of Venus as seen from Earth-that’s were the female connection comes from.

  • Your other answerers were thinking of pentacle necklaces, those are the ones used in wicca. Pentagram necklaces are more often associated with satanism. You’ll want to make sure you get the right when when you go looking.

    Pentacles have the star right side up and you should be able to find one in a local metaphysical shop.
    Pentagrams have the star upside down, and I don’t know where you’d find a necklace with one of those.

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