Home Discussion Forum Do theistic satanists have to practice meditation or magik?

Do theistic satanists have to practice meditation or magik?

i wouldn’t mind meditation or trances i have done them before i was just wondering,and is it forbidden to practice it if you are a theistic satanist? Oh and im not a true satanist yet,i have not done the dedication ritual yet,but i cant find a place to do it without being seen so if you can include that in your answer it would be greatly appreciated.


  1. dont satanist get baptized in blood and piss…DISGUSTAMONDO…i’d prefer water and the holy spirit…no matter how much you’ve been hurt in ur life…Jesus still loves u and wants a relationship with you…repent…and ask Him to come and live in ur heart…

  2. meditation plays a huge role for magik to take place. Have you tried a forest, woods, etc. And who is the one saying it is forbidden, is it the forbidder?

  3. When I think of Satan, I think of all of the ways in which negativity expresses through a human being. When I feel greed happening, one might say this is Satan expressing through me. When I feel harsh ambition or crass lust arise in myself, it is the darkness of the Universe arising within me.
    The question is, what do I do with these very real forces? Do I express them in the world, mistreating my friends, my loved ones, and myself? Or do I find a more constructive way to express and release this energy?
    Perhaps I can beat a pillow in anger, or take a drive by myself and yell and scream nonsense words at the top of my lungs. These are ways to release the darkness without hurting anyone.
    Anything to release the negativity, so that love and delight can arise in my being.


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