Do theistic satanist use the anton lavey satanic bible or do they have a different book?

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They take a normal bible, dip it in a public toilet, and use that.

Shub Niggurath

There are people out there who follow the LeVeyan path in satanism, but there are other paths as well.
Think of it like Christianity. Some are Catholic, others methodist, others baptist etc. They have different beliefs equalling to the same end.


Normally they use all satanic texts.

Arrogant Bastard Ale (Oneeye)

Are you asking if theistic Satanists use the rituals in the Satanic Bible? Some probably do in a liberal fashion. (for example, using different colors of candles, different tools, chants, etc. etc.)


I don’t think theistic satanists have any “official” books, although they might use the Satanic Bible, among other books and grimoires. The folowers of Anton LaVey tend to be atheistic, so worship actual demonic entities doesn’t really fit in with that.


Even though theistic satanists don’t always agree with Anton Lavey, they do use some of his words. Theistic satanism have many different books. Google theistic satanism to learn all about it.


My book is life itself, while I may use other inspiring books, the only thing I go by is my own true will.


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