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do the spells in the charmed or book of shadows ACTUALLY work ..?!?

i need to know about if they work or not for im writing a book ..do they work ?


  1. If you plan on writing a book, I suggest two things.
    1) Do the research first hand or get to know and/or interview people who practise Wicca
    2) Work on your writing skills

  2. Try them and see. You know, scientific method and all that.
    Pretty sure I know the result, but why should you believe what internet strangers tell you at face value, eh?

  3. Charmed, no. A Book of Shadows is a collection of writings and spells for a specific witch, they likely work for him or her, but will not necessarily work for you, or anyone else. A spell is simply focused intent, spells do work, but the ones that are shown on television shows, such as Charmed, do not. No spells work the way television shows them working, you could do a spell to bring luck to yourself or someone else, and it will work, but it’s not going to be you (or the person you do the spell for) having everything handed to you (or them) it’s going just make the path you travel a little easier.

  4. Spells don’t work unless they are put together by the spell caster. Buy ones just doesn’t work. sorry but being a spell caster is hard work full of hours of study for each spell.

  5. No they don’t work, and even trying them is a form of idolatry. I would suggest just leaving that stuff alone and asking God for any help you may need.

  6. The Charmed Book of Shadows? No.
    A Book of Shadows compiled by individual Witches with spells written by the practitioner (having absolutely nothing to do with a fictional tv show)? Yes.


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