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Do the religions in detail all have roots in Christianity and why do you believe so?

1. Golden Dawn
2. Voodoo
3. Thelema
4. Santaria
5. Satanism
6. Church of all worlds
7. Gnosticism
8. Bahai
9. Rosicrucian

There is may be one or more Kickers to keep folks honest.
Just a hint: The Church of all Worlds was strictly out of a Science Fiction book written by Robert Heinlan.


  • Christianity is a fairly young religion, which is about 2007 years old. We know from history that there are civilizations older then Christianity. Satanism may have its roots in the three great religion as I believe they are the only ones who believe in a being called Satan. Above all I think all religions have their roots in paganism. Since there is a lot of archaeological evidence of fertility goddess in Pre bronze age graves.

  • I don’t believe so, but i do believe that possibly all religions, including Christianity are influenced by Paganism, and Heathenism.
    They were around since the dawn of time and will continue. The fact that Christianity has “adopted” many traditions of paganism takes from its credibility , in my opinion.
    I must stop now, or go on for days

    blessed be

  • 1.Golden Dawn Never heard of
    2. Voodoo No, ancient African tribal rituals
    3. Thelema Never heard of
    4. Santaria – Some form of tribal rituals
    5. Satanism- Yes, anti-christian and world/nature worshiping
    6. Church of all worlds Never heard of
    7. Gnosticism – This is where christianity stole most of it’s stuff
    8. Bahai- Likely more from Hinduism
    9. Rosicrucian -One of the oldest four main religion, christianity derived from this one too
    10.Cabala -Spelled wrong but one of the oldy but goodies, not christian originated

  • Cabala is just a Christian variation of the original Judaic mystical system Qabala.

    Thelema is influenced by a variety of religions, and occultist systems including the Eastern based philosophies.

    The Golden Dawn although using Christian correspondences has it’s root in the Judaic and Pagan traditions.

    Voodoo is a mixture of the African, South and Central American and Christian occultist beliefs.

    Christianity is sourced, originally from the Judaic tradition which was modified over the centuries to suit those who practised it and the governing power of the area.
    The others I cannot comment on because I know less about them.

    So, no I don’t believe they all have there roots in Christianity.

  • It seems to me that all but the Church of All Worlds either have roots in Christianity or at least have some Christian influences, and therefore have roots in Judaism and some Judaic influences.

    Golden Dawn: influences from Christianity, Rosicrucianism, the Cabala (Judaism), and Egyptian and Greek mysteries

    Voodoo and Santaria: When African slaves were imported to America, they were taught Christianity, but some people continued to hold their traditional beliefs. The result was a blending of traditional West African beliefs with Christianity. Today, many Afro-American folk religions continue to be practiced in the form of Voodoo and Santeria

    Thelema: the philosophical, mystical and religious system which developed from the ideas occultism, Yoga, and both Eastern and Western mysticism (especially the Qabalah)

    Satanism: Varieties of Satanism range from belief in and worship of an actual spiritual being to belief in the Christian devil; from the practice of an ancient Setianism, associated with the Egyptian god Set

    Church of all worlds: a neopagan religious group whose stated mission is to evolve a network of information, mythology, and experience that provides a context and stimulus for reawakening Gaia and reuniting her children through tribal community dedicated to responsible stewardship and evolving consciousness

    Gnosticism: traced to pre-Christian Judaism and Christianity

    Bahai: acknowledge a line of messengers from God including Bahá’u’lláh (the most recent), Abraham, Buddha, Jesus, and Muhammad

    Rosicrucian: fusion of early Christianity with Egyptian mysteries

    Cabala: Judaism

  • I’ll throw in a couple more. The ones of the Aborigines & the Native Americans. How about the Nordic one? There have been & are many religions. Out of Christianity, many more have grown, such as 7th Day Adventists, who don’t honor Christmas. I suppose it’s a type of Christianity.

  • Some of those came from Christianity, but not all. Voodoo and Santaria are more closely related to African religions than Christianity, for example, and Kabbalah is a part of Judaism.

  • The oldest religion is Paganism. Some one didnt like it and decided to come up with christianity. Did you ever notice how Christianity is the only religion that destroys everything else… Burns Witches….

  • Christianity has been developed and is still being developed to this day , just a newer version of the old testament. Political and all . Jesus never wanted to have a following , only a message to be understood for the development of the mind.

    I AM

  • I don’t know what some of these are, but there is alot of influence from Christianity all over. Even some older religions have adopted christian elements (or were forced to change)
    Look into Mithraism…kinda creepy, because it pre-dates christianity, but was likely erradicated by it, despite the similarities.

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