Do the mental pictures or internal words present themselves in the full consciousness?

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Or in the fringe-consciousness?

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not in me


Internal words always present themselves to me in full consciousness sometimes mental pictures visual never come to full consiouness because the memory might be to painful to remember………….
Internal words linger on after the mental picture is gone from your mind ….words are never forgotten they can linger on and sting you too :)))


I would have to say that they present themselves beginning in the fringe-consciousness then process themselves into the full consciousness.
The awareness begins on the fringe then seeps into the full. Kind of like a tea bag in hot water.
Were it the other way around, I would see a sort of chaotic instability to comprehend, This would be like jumping into a lake of cold water. Make sense?


By definition, I think full consciousness means being fully in the present, attending to incoming information and processing thoughts rapidly. The thoughts or mental pictures from the imagination, occurring in the mind, are distinctly different from being fully present. So, I would say they occur in the fringes of consciousness. I doubt that anyone is ever fully present, however; the mind brings forth it’s associations all the time.
Interesting question.


i highly recommend Conscioussness Explained by Daniel Dennett. awesome book.


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