Do the colours expereinced by clients during a reiki session have any specific meaning_?

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Not really. It just means their minds are wandering, which will happen with any good masseuse. However, the reiki people will probably feed you a load of bullshit to make it a more “mystical” experience. That’s how they keep clients hookied.


There is little evidence Reiki works by any means other than suggestion or the placebo effect, though some sympathetic theorists have described a scientific basis for calling Reiki an energy medicine.
so for the meaning of colours !!!!!!


Yes, they do have significance, but I cannot remember them all, so suggest you try and find a reiki or healing site on the web.
Some Spiritualist work with colours.


Colour has many different meanings especially during holistic treatments such as reiki -the white/lilac/pinky colours that are often seen are healing colours-and the energy centres in our bodies (known as our chakras) each have their own specific colour too. Log onto
for lots of information about colour and its meanings…


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