Home Discussion Forum do the all american rejects use subliminal message/s in their music?

do the all american rejects use subliminal message/s in their music?

i was recently told that about subliminal messages (which are words/messages that can be heard if you listen to a song bakwards) and im curious: do he all american rejects use it? because i LOOOOVE the all american rejects, but if theyre hiding messages in their songs, i dont really want to hear them. i checked youtube and all that, but maybe i didnt type the right thing. help would be great.


  1. Well sublimal messeges doesnt have tyo be played backwardds to get. It’s mainly little kids that hear them. They can be in the background, word mixed up that could mean smoething else organized differently anway, well, don’t worry, they probly don’t. Go to http://www.bored.com they have a thing to play songs backwards. GL 🙂

  2. I don’t think so, because I’ve heard two of their songs but never really looked them up after.
    The subliminal messages are usually in underground metal, or foreign new age music.

  3. I highly doubt it. Most bands that have “subliminal messages” in their songs is completely by accident, and doesn’t have anything to do with anything occult or otherwise strange.
    Probably, if they really wanted to say something, they’d just said it right out loud, written in their songs forwards.

  4. Are they still trying to get people to buy that crap?t
    Those rumors have been around since the Beatles.
    Mr. “Earth” Al Gore’s wife tried to sell that same B.S. when she fought for (and won) the battle over advisory warning labels because she wasn’t a fit enough parent to stop one of her precious daughters from buying a Prince record.
    George Carlin had the best answer to this question
    “When you play this record backwards….it screws up your needle!!!”
    P.S. xnicolex is a little confused – allegedly means alleged/accused – LOTS of bands have been alleged to have put subliminal messages in their recordings

  5. Backtracking is a very hot topic, but no band has ever allegedly put subliminal messages in their music (although I do think that White Light by the Gorillaz is suspicious…backwards it’s “Murdoc is god”). Don’t worry. You just think you’re hearing things.


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