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Do telepathy and sixth sense actually exist?


  1. Hi from France ♫
    Yes and no !.. What people call ” telepathy / sixth sense ” is in reality a big intuition !!..
    Have a nice day,

  2. not really sure, i’ve never had any personal experience with it.
    There are some people who strongly believe, and those who strongly disagree.
    It’s just everyone’s opinion though in the end.

  3. sort of. i don’t think anyone can order a pizza telepathically or predict next weeks lotto numbers, but sometimes i’ll be standing behind a hot girl in line and just lusting over her sweet delicious bootay and she will shudder and turn and look at me like i creeped her out but she never saw me looking, so how did she know?

  4. I’m getting something here…wait…AHH! You want to know if telepathy is real and we really do posess a sixth sense. I do. I also see dead people, and you are not human you are an animated female figure with red hair. See I pulled all that right out of the air. Gosh , it was so easy. Why doesn’t everyone do it?
    seriously though remember where you heard it.2010 will be a very bad year for natural disasters on planet earth

  5. Hmm… That’s a bit vague, but to an extent yes. There is telepathy between such beings as ants, who have a hive mind, and having a sixth sense can be describing a lot of things. It could be your brain unconsciously recognizing something, such as the story where a firefighter went into a burning building, and he has a weird feeling that there was a big danger, and he got everyone out quickly and the building exploded. It was later proven and shown that the firefighter’s premonition came from having prior experience. There was something like a weirdly shaped flame or smoke pattern, which was unusual, and he didn’t consciously recognize it but unconsciously, his brain recognized it as something like an extreme build up of pressure which was to explode, and gave him his premonition. So yes, telepathy and a ‘sixth sense’ do exist. Hell, people could even evolve these things further to the extent of being able to communicate mind to mind, or being able to see the future, so to speak. What I mean by that is, like the firefighter, recognizing events and from prior experience, being able to unconsciously sense what will happen. If that makes sense to you.

  6. yes of course, telepathy and sixth sense exist, but every one can not use this only the person who knows and read telepathy can use this system (some lover talks with each other by using this therapy when telecommunication was not fast) now days i also use this therapy to talk with my boy fried. and i really enjoy this.
    Sixth sense is not comman sense that is God gifted that is not a course of study which person learn.

  7. When you ask this kind question, expect that you can only get an opinion but not purely proven facts. It only depends on your choice. If you choose to believe, you will do everything to prove its existence. If you choose to not believe it, you will do everything to prove that it does not exist. But for one thing for sure, you cannot disprove or prove anything for now. 🙂

  8. I don’t think they do. But I have no problem with people who believe they do. It’s actually a pretty cool thing, if you think about it.

  9. I do believe in God and my own thoughts. God, doesn’t put voices in our heads we still have to produce our own thoughts. God will GUIDE us, but we have to trust in him and produce our own thoughts. We have memories of other people’s voices, but that is all that is. It is not telepathy. We can sometimes sense what others are feeling through facial expressions, body language, tone of voice, people’s past history (I don’t condone slander),who they are associated with, or even their clothes or other marks on the body.(I don’t condone persecution but I want people to be safe). We learned street smarts when we were kids.
    I do believe angles, loved ones that passed, or the Holy Spirit can guide us. But, I never in a million years will believe that humans communicate telepathically to other humans. Even Jesus spoke to the people using his voice.

  10. I had an experienced. The story goes like this. When I was sleeping in my bedroom, I dreamed I saw a man on a tv that said the man died because of a diseas. His name is Din Beramboi. When I woke up, I thought it was just a dream. After 2 days, I heard by mother and my grandma talking about that man’s death. Then I was shocked. I didn’t told them that I had a dreamed about that. Maybe when I was asleep, my soul shared to another body that watched the tv.


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