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Do tattoos have a negative impact on our energy flow?

I want to get two tattoos done, that have a special meaning to me. I want one on the back of my neck, and another (poem) on my ribs. The only reason why i havent gotten any of them done yet, is because im not sure whether they might interrupt or have a negative impact on our energetic/ chakra flow. If the images im getting done, have a positive meaning/frequency is there a way this can be harmful???


  1. I don’t know much about the whole chakra thing but it seems to me that if you’re seeing the experience as a positive thing then the results can only be good 🙂

    • Great advice. Not
      Your advice is very shortsighted.
      Walk around with three helium balloons for three months and let people look at you. When you get tired of that you can pop the balloons and it hasn’t cost u.
      A tattoo, especially in the south where more skin is exposed Is something you will never be able to change or hide.
      Most people do not want to wear the same shirt every day. With a tat, you have on the exact same garment every day for the rest of your life. Or, until the future multi millionaire figures out a way to remove tats without leaving a scare like they do now.
      Try the balloons first and see how you feel.
      When you go in for your job interview holding three balloons, wonder how that will go?

  2. omg a hippie. I just watched a southpark episode today that was talking about holistic medicines used by the native americans. Kyle almost dies using it. Don’t trust this type of medicine. You sound like the type of person that would trust it. Anyways, its never a good idea to get a tattoo since you get mixed comments on them. Its especially shunned in the professional world. I personally don’t like them because of their permanancy. I get images of that person when they are old and wrinkly still having that tattoo. Its scary. And no, it probably won’t affect your “chakra”. Don’t get it. Its almost like a scar. It has a cool story to show off to your friends, but then it seems gross as time goes on.

    • Wise words aj.
      I hate to be so blunt, but if you have to come to a message board to ask if you need to get a tattoo or not, you have a lot bigger and deeper issues to deal with that will affect not only your life when you’re old and wrinkly but when you wake up in the morning.
      Best of luck to you. What are you grounded in?
      Put off getting the tattoo. You can always get it down the road. You can never not get it after it is done.

  3. You make your own reality, so it all depends on what you believe and your attitude. Your energy is your energy. It will flow if you are living your life like you truly believe you should.

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