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Do tarot cards, numerology, and astrology contact evil spirits?

weird experiences happened after i used it-
also after i got a mandala and dream catcher-
like incubus demon rapes- more dark spirits observing the room which i was in-
it freaked me out so much i had to throw them away-
along with my worry dolls-
are tarot cards, astrology, and numerology part of black magic? i stopped doing it and found Jesus because it scared me-


  1. You found Jesus after getting spooked with Tarot cards? Well all you are looking for is someone to agree with you in here. I personally think AND hope that if spirits really did exist, they would have more to do than just shake curtains in the room of someone with tarot cards purchase at some store at the mall. But you just may have harnessed the universe with a pack of mass-produced cards.

  2. Yeah Tarot cards and stuff like that are known to open people up to different spiritual forces out there. Like ghosts following people around, people being possessed, incubus demon rapes etc… Jesus is way better lol.

  3. I hate to sound rude, but seriously, consider telling a doctor all about your demon rape.
    It sounds like you have another problem, a psychological one that must be addressed.
    If tarot cards, astrology and all that are
    causing you personal psychological issues,
    dont use them.
    I dont believe they are healthy for you.

  4. if you are playing with things that you do not understand then yes negative spirits can gain a hold in your life.
    however most Pagans do not believe in black magic. we believe in intent and the intent of your workd will decide if the spell is good or bad.
    as far as numerology and astrology and tarot cards.
    probably what happened here is you started useing them as a game and had little faith in any god or goddess. this alerted every negative entity in the area to the fact that there was an easy target nearby.
    if praying to Jesus got them to leave you alone, then i would expect that you owe Jesus some devotion or at least some thanks.
    and you should not play with anything that you do not understand. consider this a very good lesson in life.

  5. This is your third question in less than one hour where you are frightened,throw away the Mandala and Dream catcher also.Real or imagined you can serve only one God,stay with Jesus.

  6. Personal responsibility, genuine intentions and education are tools we can use to form our spiritual paths and discover how God reveals Himself to us as individuals.
    Blaming outside forces is a way to scam one’s self. I believe in asking God’s protection and then utilizing the freedom to explore what journey He/ She takes me on. It’s been a wonderful experience! And it continues to be.

  7. No. You must have an extremely vivid imagination, or are possibly even delusional. Or you were on drugs? I’ve been studying Tarot and astrology for 30 years and I’ve never had any “scary” experiences.
    A mandala…sheesh, that’s not even a divination tool. It’s a picture you meditate on.

  8. NO. Astrology comes from Judiac tradition, there’s nothing wrong with it (nor numerology). Tarot cards you just have to use them responsibly.
    There’s no such thing as incubus stuff….that’s just ancient medieval folklore. Maybe you were going at things with the wrong intentions. Its not WHAT you do or WHAT you BELIEVE, its HOW you go about it that matters.

  9. Hello Exotic
    No they don’t, that it just superstition.
    Tarot is a tool used to access the subconscious & higher mind, meditation & personal, as well as psychic development.
    Numerology is the study of numbers & their affect on our lives.
    Astrology is the study of planets on our personalities & lives.
    Black magic is a state of mind & therefore an option that you consciously take, even a carrot can be used for bad!

  10. Yes they do. Very much so! Most if not all people who are practicing tarot, read palms, are witches and warlocks. they sometimes do it as a profession. They where doing it down when I visited in New Orleans years ago. I walked by this one that was reading a palm walked by her later she was chanting spells or hexes over the city. they also have had occult shops there very spiritually dark places. They also sold alot of the things you mentioned above.
    There was a very strong spirit of witchcraft there.
    had things like what you describe happen to me. As well as nightmares. It is all black magic. I used to sence demons standing around my bed I had a alot of fear of the unknown as well. we also did many occult things when we where young like the 8 ball. Bloody mary and such.
    When I was in high school,My best friend was also involved and she woke up in a dead panic with this big tall guy standing over her bead with the smell of death and worms in his eyes. He ran out of the house down the street and dissapeared into the night. Needless to say she did not get to sleep the rest of the night. True story. She was deeply involved with the occult. She had dungeons and dragons and a Ougie board and other occult things as well.
    As a christian I ancountered this guy at the mall and tried to tell him about Jesus.
    He said he was a satanic warlock. I did not think anyhitng of it. Well that night I felt something strangling and weighing on my chest suffocating me.I woke up and told it to go In the name of Jesus. Several hours later I woke up again and seen this ambulace across the street.. The Lord revealed to me the demon could not take you so he attacked someone else.
    That I was protected. He also told me that the demon went back to where it was sent (to the person that sent it)
    I would not tell you these things if they where not true. .
    I am just sharing my heart not to cause fear but real life situations.
    When you tell them to go in Jesus Name! They will go. They demons recognize His (Jesus) Authority and are terrified of Him. satan and his demons where defeated at the cross.
    They know where they are going at the end of the ages the lake of fire. they have lied to and decieved mankind throughout all generations to turn from God. And made empty promises that of course are lies. Remember satan is the father of lies.


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