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Do Tachyon violate causality?


  1. No. They were traveling faster than c at the big bang (presumably before the Plank time) and do not interact with ordinary matter (as far as we know)…and we have not found any tachyons, either. What cause and effect principle do you think they might violate. I’m not really sure how to proceed.
    There is a move afoot among the physics community to “outlaw” causality loops in time travel thus eliminating any paradox. I am sure someone can find you a link on this. Just added it for your entertainment/consideration since you brought up the broad topic.

  2. If they actually existed and/or interacted with ordinary matter, they could (not that there’s any reason to think they do).
    Greg Benford wrote a novel, Timescape, based on the concept that a tachyon telephone could communicate with the past.


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