do succubus really drain one of there soul, also is there a way to summon it through wiccan or witchcraft?






  1. answer: No. Summoning Christian inspired mythological demons aren’t part of Wicca.
    Try ceremonial magic, you might find an adequate mixture there

  2. No, they do not drain your life force. They aren’t evil nasty beings and they are consequences to be had if you attempt to summon just to be your sex slave. Succubus and incubus only visit those they choose to. Summoning a demon to do your bidding is disrespectful, they are not here to serve you.
    The only way I know to summon a succubus or an incubus is through Spiritual Satanism. It must be done so in a respectful manner though. I have not summoned one but from first hand accounts I have heard sex with one is phenomenal. You can go on that website and learn about them.

  3. What part of “Harm None” does this involve?
    Sorry there’s to many ways this statement is wrong to list – that is just the first one.

  4. You do know that succubus’s are not real right? Also their is no such thing as the tooth fairy and the moon isn’t really made out of cheese.

  5. Succubi are mythologically a form of vampire, which makes me wonder why you’d want to summon one in the first place (you read Twilight, don’t you? I just know you do).
    Succubi are also not part of Wicca at all.

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