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Do spirits or negative energies follow children?


  1. The environment around children always give affects to them the most…
    If the children hang around the area where they have a lot of those negative energy, yes…
    This is not something spiritual I’m talking about, I’m being realistic..
    I mean, if you live in the harsh Chicago, no offense, the children might get quite harsh too…
    But if you live in the peaceful Wellington, New Zealand, it might be the opposite..
    Children get affected by something they see the most… ^^
    Hope this helps!

  2. Like attracts like…negativity potentially affects all those who are emanating negative vibrations caused by having negative thoughts…and of course vice – versa….

  3. I had this plague as a child and it really wasn’t resolved until I was a young adult. When negative spirits linger around innocence cosmic law dictates that an equally positive energy has the same opportunity and it will manifest it’s goodness to the afflicted in good time.Usually those children that can sense or see the evil spirits are coming into their psychic awareness.

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