Home Discussion Forum do someone knows how to open my third eye?

do someone knows how to open my third eye?

how could i open my third eye??
i almost die in medication every night..My goodness..
but still i want to open it,
if someone knows how to open it ..please answer my question ..
thank alot for the people who will answer 🙂


  1. There are many ways to try and open your third eye, for example the specific colour for your third eye (following the Chakra colours) is Indigo.
    So you can either wrap an Indigo coloured scarf around the area, place an Indigo gemstone on your third eye whilst meditating, use face paint to create an Indigo colour and mark where your third eye will be. Those were just some examples that you could try.

  2. You almost die in Medication every night?
    What sort of Medication are you on?
    Doesn’t sound very good for you.
    Maybe you should worry about getting healthy first then worry about this third eye nonsense.

  3. It takes years and years of practice. I suggest going to yoga and/or meditation groups and maybe getting an audio book on i-tunes if you are joined when they work on the chakras from the bottom up.I got a good one from itunes and DVDs on meditation etc from India. Good luck! It’s something I’d also like to achieve.


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