Home Discussion Forum Do some Westerners not understand that Buddhism says our consciousness is eternal?

Do some Westerners not understand that Buddhism says our consciousness is eternal?

Once you break free from the cycle of reincarnation, Nirvana is everlasting peace and bliss. Some Westerners on here have said some very strange things about Buddhism.


  1. I’ve never really looked into Buddhism but have never heard anything bad about them in the news. I think states of bliss are very fleeting on this earth but that’s just me. I try to ensure that I have peace in my life and dwelling. That is the best you can hope for. But I am a bit of a news junkie, so there is lots of things that make me very sad.

  2. In response to Tattoed.Faery’s question, what’s makes it hard to attain liberation is our own doubt and laziness. Not attacking, just being honest. When we apply continuous effort to the trainings, it works and things change for us, but we will never know this until we do it, and do it consistently and genuinely enough for it to manifest.
    The reason some westerners come up with strange ideas such as denying Buddhas teachings is they want to make up a path that feels comfortable to them. That is fine, that’s where they’re at on their journey, but it won’t lead to the ultimate results within this life that Buddha explained.
    Everyone is on a spiritual journey and needs different things. However, it is really disrespecful when some of these people criticise Buddhas teachings or say some things are false or not important, then call their own path “Buddhism”. There is definitely lineage teachings that are regarded as BuddhaDharma. Buddha taught many universal truths, but to take what we think is important and become critical of the rest of it and call our ideas Buddhist or “Western Buddhism” is not proper, and we should be careful not to let such criticism influence us.

  3. Greetings,
    As a Buddhist practitioner, I must ask you a couple of questions. I don’t expect a response.
    What is consciousness?
    Who is the “you” that breaks free from this cycle you have suggested?
    Take care.

  4. Jack:
    Of course not, with the Bible teaching the Westerners are trained to be the mindless followers, leading robot like existence, and thinking is not encouraged and questioning are not allowed; the reminisce of the Renaissance and Roman Empire ruling, therefore all voices are loss to the deaf ears.
    To Achieve Nirvana obvious is not easy but it isn’t that hard either, the question is, are you willing to go through the whole set of Buddhism training and give up all of your world desires and attachments?
    Most people in the world could’t either! That is why Buddha spent forty- nine years to teach, started with 4 Noble Truths and 8 Fold Paths, meditation techniques to eliminate clutters in your mind, and then taught you to have compassion for others- hence the Bodhisattva’s paths and the Mahayana teachings.
    After some stage, he felt someone may be ready, so the Ch’an teaching through mind to mind transmission. Then finally, the secret Mantrayana teaching of Tantra was given.
    ATL PJA Wyldstar:
    I was an American Indian warrior in one incarnation, unfortunately I am not aware what Indian Nation did I belonged to, all I know was that I was riding on a horse with warrior paints all over my body and I was leading the charge of a very large band of warriors against the mortal enemy, it would be glorious if it was the “Battle of Little Bighorn”.
    The battle that has made a difference for the US government, and its Indian policy was adjusted.
    In Buddhism the “Eternal-self” is not very much like spirit, more like an Awareness (Self-aware Consciousness with no physical shapes or forms, yet can be any shape or forms if “He” cares to exhibit a form.)
    But I do agree with you, that the hardcore extremists are not worth wasting times on, because in life, as Buddhist we have a lot of things need to accomplish. So let them be! So long as they don’t cross the Boundary.
    I don’t know if you are Muslim or not, if I hurt your feeling I am sorry, but in term of Thailand prosecuting Muslims, I just happened to follow the story.
    May be your News Media neglected to report the incidents started with a group Thai Muslims wanted to be independent from Thailand, and started trouble by killing a small village, beheaded everyone including women, children and monks. Then proceed to rampages through several counties in Thailand and behead quite a few Monks in the process. You may know being a monk is a big thing in Thailand, not to mention women and children? Furthermore, no man can be considering a man until becoming a monk for an unspecific time.
    There are some Muslims in Thailand and the people never tell them to leave, then one day they decided they want independent and used terrorist tactics is shameless, and I don’t see Buddhists beheaded any Muslims in any of the Muslims countries. You Muslims guys should set up a “Peace Keeping Force” to really curtail your frantic groups of brothers, then the world will be a more peaceful place, and you guys will have much better image. At the very least, you guys should make sure cutting their funding sources!
    My friend, if I may call you that, you answer echo my sentiment exactly, except you are a much gentler mind than I am, as I am the Heruka- the warrior class of the Buddha Realm.
    Jed s:
    So the Ch’an Master speaks, I try my best to answer and my answer are—- “YOU” 1st answer; “No one” 2nd answer, that is why you need to practice. GOT IT… ???


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