Do some people have astral projection in the future?





There is a method/s for regression for finding souvenirs from past life/s May be some researchers also try to find who will be in the future – reincarnated consciences etc. Do someone know about such experiments?


  1. No, that does not work.
    Astral projection is always present and immediate. You cannot time-travel using astral projection.
    Take it from a person who grew up doing white magic: Jesus is Lord. God has more power than any spirit in white magic/ the occult.
    Christians don’t necessarily understand the real power that is in Christianity, but that does not mean it is not there.
    The power is actually greater, but its operation is stricter. It happens at God’s behest, not yours.
    There is such a thing as ‘christian sorcery’ but that is another matter altogether, it is abusive and damages lives. God’s power does not work in exactly the same way as powers of witchcraft.
    There is prediction, under the influence of the Holy Spirit. But it will only be by a vision from God. You will not find it by any other means.
    I wish you well on your spiritual quest, and hope you find the peace that I have.

  2. I have astal projected much, but never into the future..You do know every second you are in the future. There is no past or present. Every flicker of the eye is the future

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