Home Discussion Forum Do shy individuals have an aura of innocence?

Do shy individuals have an aura of innocence?

In other words, is innocence one of their characteristics? Why is this and how can you tell?


  1. no, not at all, people are shy because they are so aware with the crowd that surrounds them, watching every moves that they will make including his own, innocent people are those who kept on living life to the fullest coz they don’t mind people around them, they act the way they wanted to
    well… that’s just my observation =P

  2. In my opinion ,if one is shy they have the innocence because they are afraid to do thing’s ,to talk to people ,so they keep their innocence intact

  3. No. Ever notice when someone shoots up a neighborhood or a school or something the neighbors always say he was a quiet man, who kept to himself?
    Watch out for them!!!!

  4. Shy people can be perceived as innocent but not all shy people are innocent. Some people are only shy in certain situations.

  5. First it should be noted that shyness can be quantified to some degree, while innocence cannot (it depends on the value system of the beholder), so we can’t prove a sentence like “Shy people tend to be more innocent.”
    The “aura” is your brain subconsciously making assumptions based on information. A shy person is extremely non-threatening, and humans are generally social by nature, so shyness becomes an endearing quality, and you would then tend to assume other positive qualities in that person until proven otherwise.


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