do schizophrenics and shamans have anything in common?

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idk but i read that the vibrations or voices that schizophrenics hear are actually the needs of your spirit, and that the schizophrenic experience is a journey within. Also can schizophrenics have the gift of tongues….which is a spiritual gift acc. to Christianity?

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Admiral Ackbar

Schizophrenic voices aren’t the needs of the spirit. It’s the brain turning familiar images in your head, like your parents for example, into actual beings that reside in your head. It is not the work of an otherworldly being.


we only use 10 to 20 percent of our brains. imagine using 80 or 90. hell even 50. we would all be psychic, telepathic, etc. some people do have chemical disorders that need to be treated but i do question some “mental illness”. i think a lot of those are due to people being misled with fear that society will think they are insane..

Carmen R (Now a Koala)

I once read that in Laos, epileptics are considered holy and any kid with epilepsy is destined to become a shaman or witch doctor or whichever their term is. I read it in a book about Laotioans in the US. I can´t remember the title, but I think the words ´falling down´ were in there somewhere.


yea…they are both crazy

Coram Deo

Schizophrenia is a disease that can be controlled. Shamans are satanic worshippers and are influenced by demonic spirits.


Ive read that in some religion ,it comes under the same class “vehem” and “pret”
I dont know but the literal meaning of “vehem” is superstition and the literal meaning of “pret” is spirit.
I have also known of several cases of scizophrenia helped with exorsism.

Great for writing!


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