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Do republicans have a crystal ball?

How is it that they are so sure their neighbors, loved ones, and themselves will have private health insurance for the rest of their lives?
How is it that they think they are exempt from losing their house due to medical bills?
As we can see, republicans are not conservative at all. They’re liberally reckless and foolish.


  1. No and I don’t think any have ever claimed that. The fact is that most people would prefer to be left alone and allowed to run their lives as they see fit, without government interference..

  2. they have crystal balls all right
    Pubs don’t necessarily “think” before spewing their lies.
    They don’t need to; they simply parrot the words of their gods, Rush and Fox 🙂

  3. If 0bama has his way , I am sure I will not. He will kill all private companies with taxes, govt. subsidies and restrictions. I will be forced into a govt. run nightmare with poor service, rationing, and ever climbing costs. That is see all too clearly even without a crystal ball.

  4. Why do they or anyone else need to contemplate that question at all? The sense of individualism, self-determination, and personal responsibility for our own lives has left our country and we are the worse off for it.
    I am not denying that reform is needed; however, that reform ought to be that of providing protections to the consumer and not erecting roadblocks to competition. The government, through its public option among other aspects, is proposing to fix the problem that it created. This seems to be the mantra followed by any “big government politician” as specifically espoused by Rahm Emmanuel — “create a crisis and then be the hero who ‘fixes’ it.

  5. No, but they do have vivid imaginations. as in:
    Ya know, I never read that in the constition.
    Hey, we need to increase the profits of insurance companies.
    we need to make sure that it’s insurance companies that pull the plug on grandma.
    not the government.
    What was that scheme I read recently?
    Oh yeah, somebody bought insurance.
    And got sick.
    but after 2 months the insurance got cancelled.
    Seems that it was a series of 6 month policies, not a single one.
    and when the current 6 months was up, the rest were canceled, even though they were paid for.
    “It’s a preexisting condition.”
    Yeah, we sure do want to put our trust in insurance companies.

  6. Actually, Republicans are reckless with the money of others in a very liberal way–example, Bush II.
    As for whether republicans have a crystal ball, if they have one, it does not work very well–proof, they elected Bush II for 8 years.
    As for their feelings of being exempt from losing their house due to medical bills, the wanna be Republicans are losing their homes daily to medical bills like Democrats are. Most Republicans do not have a chauffeur, they drive themselves like most Democrats do–unless they are forced to use mass transportation.. (Mass transportation with the masses. How humbling for the GOP–Greedy Old Party)

  7. My rep. neighbor had it made & then, I don’t know why it was so suprising but he had diabetes & refused to change. He knew it all afterall. Recentally he got really sick & passed out so his life was saved so far. He found out he had a tumor in his stomach & a blocked artery. He came home to take chemo to make the tumor shrink but wants to wait for the heart operation…Ok, his wife worked for the gov. so he had good ins. but puts down the gov. I don’t know how much money they will have to pay for all of this but open heart surgery seems expensive & they lost a lot of money in the past several years in the stock market. So his spoiled kids are probably on their own now which is going to hurt. I am watching karma taking place but time will tell. I know if they need help it will be fine for them but they look down on anyone else. I think a good rep. should not depend on the gov. for all of this money they will have to have. His son is already going to collect welfare for his heat bill cause he has done that for years now….so hypocrites….they use Rasmussan polls as their chrystal ball. I remember the week before the Presidential they were posting that McCain won the election. I started put those questions on my watchlist to go back & answer those non-questions. Anyway. they still rely on Rasmussan which is sign of insanity.


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