Home Discussion Forum do purple crystals resemble the amethyst stone?

do purple crystals resemble the amethyst stone?

so here s the deal. my sister is doiong a school project on amethyst. she needs a visual source or something. all she needs to know is if purple crystals are the same thing as amethyst.


  1. It depends. Amethysts are purple but not all purple crystals are amethysts. Do you have a picture you could post? Email me if you’d like and I might be able to help you out.

  2. FLOURITE Multi-Color Blue, or Purple.
    AMETHYST Violet
    Violet is a well to the blue end of the spectrum, but does have enough red to be taken as Purple.

  3. Well, i’ve sene purple crystals that aren’t amethysts, but i also have many amethysts. An amethyst can be deep purple or light purple, you could look up it’s exact properties on google.

  4. Well, ‘amethyst’ is just the name for the purple variety of quartz. (‘Crystal’, I find, is nearly synonymous with quartz.) Not all purple crystals are amethyst, but a lot are.

  5. No all crystals have different properties and are different within the make up of the stone,natural amethyst crystal clump together like rock salt on the side of rocks or in the core, it can vary in colour and clarity. Some purple coloured crystals can be almost clear to opaque in density and dull or shiny in lustre, different in hardness properties, if her project were to be judged on the visual aspects this would not do at all, a small piece of amethyst is about $4 at a crystal shop.

  6. Amethyst can be any color from light violet to dark purple (almost black unless viewed in strong light). The samples from Uruguay and Brazil are said to be the darkest. Romans sometimes carved drinking glasses from amethyst because they believed it prevented a person from becoming drunk no matter how much alcohol they consumed. It is also the birthstone of February.


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