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Do psychologists or atheists think that other dimensions exist?

If they do then why can’t they accept that some people might be capable of seeing or receiving communications from those dimensions?
Things like Extra Sensory Perception, Psychics, Remote viewing are used by police, FBI to find people yet psychologists say that these people are not sane – why is that? Do they really think that perception is limited to hearing and seeing? I recently had a conversation with a psychologist that thought I was mentally ill because I act on vivid premonition dreams that have saved my and friends lives in the past.
Is this all psychologists opinions and are they all atheists?
Allie, almost everyone that is in communication with other dimensions say that a feeling of God is present there, I haven’t heard of an atheist dimension that is in current communication….lol
Oh yes Girlfac.. that makes perfect sense….so you would be happy to lock someone away in a loony bin even if you believed they were telling the truth and could see things you couldn’t …you would just put your head down and do your job……good girl you have a great future ahead of you….as a psycologist LOL
Miloo psychology and psychiatry have never been based in science, and therefore are free of the constraints placed on scientific theories. But nice answer.
Ror, there are documentaries on TV but how do you prove if they are real or not I agree – because I can remote view and have read that the FBI uses remote viewers to me it seems likely but to you it probably seems unlikely – I guess that is why the brain is not a science and why psychologists should not claim to be scientists.
Miloo, the difference is that I am not calling you crazy, I would not lock you up for your beliefs just because you cannot prove them to me.


  1. Uh, dimensions has nothing to do with religion/god therefore it has nothing to do with atheists. You are very ignorant..

  2. Well im interested in psychology, but doesnt mean that everything i believe in in science based, but in a therapy session or whatever, thats what they have to go by despite their own personal views?
    Like, if a police officer thought that parking for one second in a no parking zone was a pointless reason to give out a ticket.. they still would have to do it because its their job.. if that makes sence?

  3. Your neighbour exists. Given that he/she does exist why can’t you accept that some atheist neighbours might be capable of sending communications to you that demonstrate that your beliefs are bunkum? Can you conclusively disprove that your atheist neighbours can perform this feat? If you cannot then it must be a most possible feat?
    What is wish thinking?

  4. I’m going to give you a serious thought-out answer, and I hope you do me a favour and read it with an open mind.
    “why can’t they accept….”
    Because scientists don’t just accept things. Science is about repeatable, verifiable proof… and “i hear voices from another dimension” can’t be repeated, or demonstrated to the satisfaction of science.
    For that reason, and that reason *alone* science does not accept your claims. If you have a way of satisfying the burden of proof, then science will back you… and everyone will gladly admit they were wrong.
    Now, there’s an additional point here. Someone can be a scientist, and still have thier own beliefs too. Science is dispassionate, and doesn’t care whether god exists, as long as someone can prove one way or another… but people, people can either believe, or disbelieve.
    That’s why you find a lot of atheists who vehemently disbelieve, despite the science we hold dear, only insisting that we simply don’t accept.
    So many have tried to prove god exists – and failed, that by now, I think it’s ok for us to move forward with the attitude, that he/it very likely doesn’t.
    Additionally, this question has very little to do with psychology. Psychology is about what you think, and who that makes you as a person — Which has nothing to do with actual objective facts regarding the universe or dimensions, or god.
    What you or I think, has zero bearing on what actually is.

  5. Prove to me that police or the FBI use these unproven bullshit methods like ESP. Show me links proving that. I’d be interested in seeing them. I really doubt they do though. If you’ve only read or heard about them in fictious stories, try harder.
    Show me proof that people can communicate via these dimensions? Proving anything, even simple things in science, is incredibly hard. I think most logical people would be swayed by solid, well thought out evidence. I belive there are other dimensions, but comminucation between the two, epsecially unproven claims, I find hard to believe. If you’re so convinced, set up some experiments to prove me wrong. I’d love to see evidence of communication between dimensions, I honestly would.

  6. As part of an exploration into spiritualism many years ago I visited probably 12 or more mediums etc. One was strikingly accurate, telling me the name of my fathers uncle, his occupation and the country he emigrated to. My father didn’t even know about this person. She has told me other stuff which came true. Of the rest, some did no better than anyone taking a guess, and a few were outright charlatans and chancers. The cost of all this is way to high. ‘overall’ the experience is nonsensical. In general I dealt with weak minded individuals who were kidding themselves.
    For me, this other dimension thing, is like running before we have learned to walk. Human beings, being fallible and impressionable as they are, would do far better to concentrate their efforts on more down to earth things, like mental health and psychology. This would help us the most. We are not currently equiped, in my opinion, to separate the vast amount of nonsense. from the tiny grain of truth (if there is any). It is in our much greater interests to deal with ourselves and live and learn without other dimensions or any god. And that is why I am agnostic.


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