Do psychics really use magic crystal balls and cards?

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Do they use crystal balls and cards to predict the future? or do they really have the ability to see the future in the minds?

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♥Little Miss Socialite♥

They use Tarot cards. They do have an ability to see in the future. And yes it’s real.


Yep, and there are some teens that have that sorta gift.
Some use Tarot Cards.
Others have dreams of the Future, interpret them, and next thing you know they come true. That has happened to me lots of times.

ChainLightning ⅜

Sure. Most do use props instead of being just a straight “psychic”
This is called divination and it depends on randomness. Here is a small list of what is used at the link.
No evidence that any of these work, but who really wants proof?


i use tarot cards but i wouldnt call myself psychic i have dreams of things that are going to happen only i dream when im awake, and i cant do readings because i dont get them on everyone. I dont use a crystal ball rofl idk anyone who does.


Some psychics use tools as focus points, but that is all they are. Tarot cards can be used in this way, as can runes. Crystals are more for scrying techniques. But there are many ways to access information, and many psychics don’t require tools. Some still like their tools and continue to use them, but they are pretty much using their abilities over the tools.


Tarot cards and some have to hold a person’s article of clothing.
Plus, they guess alot too because they want your $$$$$!


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