Do psychic powers really exist?





By psychic powers I mean reading minds and stuff, not bending spoons.


  1. Basically, the problem is that findings are interpreted subjectively. If one person guesses what cards another person is seeing better than average, it’s debatable whether the performance is **significantly** better. Even so, there have been some very interesting reports from time to time, and, in the words of William James, the philosopher and pioneer in the emerging field of psychology, “If you wish to overturn the rule that all crows are black, you need only find a single white crow.”

  2. No
    And when there is no cold reading they research or spy on their subjects.
    And I believe this till I come across proof.
    And I often watch these medium shows when they’re new, and they are all the same they are all using cold reading. It just sad that a lot of the population actually believe this.
    Some even go as far as to say Derren Brown is a liar and he is actually a medium and contact the dead when he explicitly states that he is not… in every single one of his shows.

  3. No. Not at all. It’s all “cold reading”. Where you ask questions and guess, Of course it’s fake. Do you really think the dead just stand there waiting for some one to talk to them

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