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Do "Psychic Mediums" go to hell? (If you don't believe in God or the bible, PLEASE don't answer)

I read some passages in the bible about “mediums”. My understanding of it is that people aren’t suppose to contact them because it will open the door to evil spirits. One certain passage says: “‘A man or woman who is a medium or spiritist among you must be put to death. You are to stone them; their blood will be on their own heads.” Why is it evil if “Mediums” just have that special gift? They can’t help it if they are born with it. Please help me to understand.


  1. Yes, Allison Dubois will roast in hell! What a loving God we have!
    *Edit* Miss Suki, I was being facetious! I was trying to act like a dumbass Christian. Sorry for confusing you!

    • Believe the Word of God or man. If you are a Christian, and consult a medium, you are sinning. If you are a medium, you are commiting a sin against God. You are not gifted by God, but by Satan.

  2. No I don’t believe they are doomed to go to Hell.
    I fail to understand why people want to think such gifts are always from the Devil. Many Christians have delied the power of God

  3. murders, adulterers, liars, mediums – they are all destined for hell.
    As a matter of fact Rom 3:23 – all have sinned and falled short.
    But jesus can forgive mediums, murderes, anyone – You just need to ask for forgivness (and really mean it). Then that person is destined for heaven

  4. People go to Hell if they fail to put their trust in Jesus Christ for their salvation not because they commit a particular type of sin. As to why it is a sin it’s because a medium is being deceived by a seducing demonic spirit into seeking to gain supernatural insights apart from God.
    Isaiah 8:19 And when they say to you, “Inquire of the mediums and the necromancers who chirp and mutter,” should not a people inquire of their God? Should they inquire of the dead on behalf of the living?
    People are not born with a supernatural “gift” like the one you describe. If they get a supernatural revelation it either comes from God or from and evil spirit. Sylvia Browne thinks that she has a “spirit guide” who gives her insights. She does have one but it’s a demonic guide that leads her to tell people that their dead loved ones are with God even if they never put their faith in Jesus. She denies the existence of Satan while being used as a pawn by him to lead people into the occult and away from Jesus.

  5. I don’t believe in the bible but to say I cannot respond because of this would be biased I can still discuss theological ideas. Stoning ahh the bibles solution for everything, I don’t believe that today’s Christian god would send someone to hell for talking to the spirits because most people do not believe we should stone adulterers or gays or mediums.
    Anywho doesn’t the pope talk to god? And god is a spirit right? So maybe the popes going to hell. And to be honest they are not really talking to dead people it’s another hoax funny juxtaposed to other great hoaxes of our time.

  6. Allison Debois is a real person A$$! And no they will not go to hell, because….let me say this just one more time……IT DOESN’T EXIST!!!!! Come on people!!! Use your brain for just one second. If God loves us all, then why would he create a life for us just as a test to see who he will share his heaven with and who he will toss to the side and disregard. Man, sometimes I think you all live in a dream land. There is not man in the sky judging everything you do, and calling every life experience a sin. Do you believe in santa and the easter bunny too?

  7. The point is that a believer who has a relationship with the true God has no need to spend time bargaining and being manipulated by spirits (even the supposed good ones). Why waste your time and life with this nonsense. If the Lord is God then serve him, if Baal be God, then give him your worship. How long will you vacillate between all these ideas?

  8. It is the Mediums who say that they are born with the special gift of being a Medium. That doesn’t make it true.
    God does not want us confused and led astray from Him by anyone including those who sell their advice.
    The future belongs to God and He leads us only toward what is good.
    Read the 23 Psalm again. It is best just to keep seeking advice and real guidance from God….and it’s always free.

  9. How naive!
    There is a great difference between religion and spirituality.
    Spirituality is born from a personal occurrence with a divine, psychic or mystical experience of one form or another which inevitably connects a person to All that Is/God/Goddess/Allah/Great Spirit /whatever you want to call it.
    Religion is second hand opinion of someone else’s divine experience. I think you will find that religions, and especially fanatical religions, tend to separate and divide people, while spirituality brings people together.
    Thank God that Spirituality is on the increase!
    For those who are ready, no explanation is necessary and for those who are not, no explanation is possible! http://www.psychic-junkie.com

  10. Religious fanatics can’t seem to separate the close minded false information fed to them by man…and the original words in the bible. The verse this question came from was a new version of the international bible in 1979…those are not the words initially in the bible, just an interpretation…as much of it is.
    As far as mediums seeing spirits and communicating with them, the spirits are not evil and neither are the mediums. Yes, there are bad and good spirits but just because they communicate with them does not mean they’re evil or obsessed with the supernatural…it typically is the spirit connecting with the person who is more sensitive- NOT the medium being obsessed. I honestly can not wait until a lot of these religious people die and realize much of their judgements and false accusations (ironic to the fact that they are “christian”) are what was wrong all along. There are fraud mediums out there just like there are fraud Christians too, obviously. That does not mean that both mediums and christians can not co-exist if some people would set aside the fears of change or what they do not know and can not judge someone on.

  11. kahuna_2bears
    January 2, 2011 at 2:45 pm
    No I don’t believe they are doomed to go to Hell.
    I fail to understand why people want to think such gifts are always from the Devil. Many Christians have delied the power of God
    where is all of the evidence for your comment above?

  12. You can either trust the Word of God or man. Our souls are emotional but the Holy Spirit speaks the truth. What sets you apart from the truth? How you feel or what you know?

  13. i have the gift im a medium i feel gods spirit everyday…. so it does exsist thank you very mucn i know very well it does… but you ppl can believe what you want everyone has different opinions and beliefs. i believe that my gift is a gift from god. all the way. thanks the name is megan.

  14. I once wasted my time seeing a few psychics who said I would see a young sales lady again selling me ten Playstation 2 games and something about a Gameboy Advance. They all just made out checks their bodies couldn’t cash. Christians are not supposed to be practice astrology, its like oil and water, they dont mix. Christianity and the occult don’t mix.

  15. The only thing we all know is that we really don’t know. We believe what makes sense to who we are, whether because of our fears, the environment we live in, the family we come from, or the influence around us. If you can manage to break away from all those barriers then you can begin to find some real salvation.
    Is it so terrible that someone provides some comfort to people that have suffered the loss a child, sibling, parent, or spouse by relaying a message from a spirit that claims to be that of a deceased loved one and is able to bring some peace to those grieving? This is not an act of evil, its an act of survival.

  16. Believe in the gifted ones. A devine gift can not be from evil. Good and evil is all according to His plan. This is what was spoken when I returned… “Heaven or hell, it all depends on how you live the rest of your life”

  17. Iam a medium,i made ppl get into accident by wishing it upon them and i hear, feel , see spirits and they been with me since a young girl so am i going to hell?


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