Home Discussion Forum Do psychic mediums and tarot readers make good money?

Do psychic mediums and tarot readers make good money?

when they go to peoples houses and advertise in new age shops etc ?
I have been reading tarot as a spirit medium/ tarot reader for years for friends and am thinking of doing it for extra cash because I can really do it. But could this become, eventually, a full time business. Is there anybody that has tried it ?


  1. Yes, but like any business, you have to be good at what you do. I would suggest you do a search on “psychic jobs/ phone” a bunch of companies will come up. Apply see if you can do readings via the phone. If yes, then design a web- site, you can use pay pal to collect payment from clients at 1st, then if you really hit it big, the people like you…bigger site, employees etc. etc.

  2. Please understand that my answer is only a warning, not an accusation. Those who have the “gift” of reading Tarot will never charge money for doing it. They only accept what people give them. These are the true readers. The others are just “good” at remembering what the cards mean in general and can spout that back to the petitioner. A true reader can see how the cards fit together, because certain cards have different meanings when combined with other cards. If you do have the “gift”, and misuse it, you will lose it, or give people the wrong readings. A true reader will never reveal to a petitioner any ill that will befall them, because in doing so, that ill will return to the reader.

  3. I know a few people who do this and they make alot of money.. $25- 50 dollars a reading and they read all day long

  4. Are you a true real Psychic? I ask because there are so many who claim to be that aren’t which makes it very hard for us who do have true psychic gifts. I am a professional Psychic-Medium among other gifts, I own my own Psychic Healing business yes I make a great living I charge you have to its a service like any other. DO NOT do those phony phone free reading gigs they are BS people aren’t reading or doing divination and are NOT Psychics. If you have a reader you go to I suggest you seek a reading asking for guidance…if ur a true Psychic tap in you’ll get ur answer.
    Good Luck
    Brightest Blessings


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