Do psychiatrists have access to your medical history?

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I’m writing a book and I want to get my facts straight.
Do psychiatrists have access to prior prescriptions, doctors visits or hospital stays on file? I understand they may have files about prior therapy or medicine prescribed by prior psychiatrists, but do they have any additional information?

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In the USA, no.
Not unless you specifically sign a release of information form allowing it.
~Dr. B.~

Abey c

they very well should, since they are licensed to dispense and prescribe medication….how can one effectively do that, and not know the history of the patient????


They won’t have any of your medical information unless it was obtained at their clinic, you signed a release form, or you provided them the information. Also, they might receive information from the hospital if it is in reference to your mental health. You have to carefully read the papers you sign at the hospital. They usually ask for your doctor’s information when you check in.
If you are a known addict, then your doctor’s can have you blocked or red flag you at certain pharmacy locations. Also people are obligated by HIPPA to follow rules….reality is that everyone doesn’t.

Jan N

Can psychiatrists help you? Are there any cures in psychiatry today?
Check it for yourself – hear it from interviewed psychiatrists.
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Psychiatrist is still a doctor – unfortunately – and can give you pills, electroshock or brain surgery which are the only methods psychiatry uses. Brain surgeries like prefrontal lobotomy found its place in horror movies where it belongs and is disappearing from psychiatry. Electroshocks are still being given to the people despite no results and serious damage caused to the patients. Modern psychiatry focuses on drugs. Psychiatrists prescribed LSD and ecstasy as medicine in the past and their modern drugs are said to be even more dangerous. Some psychiatrists however may be using alternative methods or psychology but that is not psychiatry. Psychiatry has been using 1) brain surgeries 2) shocks (not only electroshocks but also insulin shocks) 3) drugs. I wouldn’t play with psychiatry at all – see the vids below.
A must see new document – story told by psychiatrists, psychologists and other professionals – it CAN save your life
Watch trailer 1:55 min
The whole DVD
2 minutes video about psychiatry and its diagnosis
Psychiatry – NO SCIENCE-NO CURES (4:54min)
Fox News about pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly (Prozac, Zyprexa and others)
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