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Do plants have a consciousness?

Do plants have consciousness? Are they aware of their own existence and their environment?


  1. ha, i’m sure they do in their own way, not necessarily like people. they don’t live where they aren’t supposed to be and they thrive where they are supposed to be.
    what i want to know is if singing to your plants really makes them grow…….? if that is true, then anything in this world seems possible!..even what you’ve asked

  2. No. That is why they call some people ‘cabbages’.
    (They also call some people ‘nuts’, but that is for a different reason.)
    (so is when they call someone a ‘grass’.)
    or ‘bananas’ in fact.
    They also call some men a ‘fruit’.
    Or a Pansy. Which is also a plant.

  3. I haven’t heard of plants having a consciousness, but they have some type of responsiveness. I’m not sure how they have this responsiveness or if you could claim this as awareness.
    Plants respond to light by moving there leaves toward the sun.
    Plants can also produce pheromones, like the Orchid which attract bees by producing pheromones that mimic a female bee. Orchids also produce patterns on their petals that mimic bees.
    Plants respond to the wind by producing seeds that are able to exploit it, as in some sycamores producing propeller like seeds.
    A type of carnivorous plant catches insects after they walk over a trigger switch, but only the second trigger switch not the first.
    Plants respond to excessive heat by closing their stomata to prevent excessive water loss.
    Plants have adapted relationships with animals, some of which are very specialised. They produce different coloured, different perfumed flowers to attract different animals.
    I’m not sure how these relationships originated or how plants can respond to outside forces, maybe there is somehing more to plants locked up on a celluar or atomic level.


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