Do Pisces like Crystals and Gems as gifts?

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It’s my pisces friend’s bday next week and i’m planning on giving her a citrine crystal. (those yellow crystal ones) And i’m wondering, will she like it? I know that pisces are mysterious and mystic and stuff. :/ er, just wondering

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Worldly Love

Yeah, I think she will def like it. They like mystical gifts and also anything shiny and embellished (things with sequins, rhinestones, etc.). Our most famous Pisces moon (Michael Jackson) was obsessed with his sequined socks and rhinestone gloves 😉


she will love it !!! anything that shines are just adored by pisceans..they like gemstones ,crystals, gold, accessories of sterling silver etc.i am a piscean too n i love when my husband gift me with gemstone or diamond or such stuffs..carry on.i am sure she will love it!!!1


Watever you get her she will like that


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