Do people under 30 believe in psychic powers and do they think these powers are "normal"?





As my children say, I am getting “old and worn out”, but I am curious about how young people percieve their world. One of my big questions is do young people of today believe that psychic powers (intuition, clairvoyance, telekinisis, telepathy) are “normal” abilities that everyone has to a greater or lesser degree? Or do young people of today think that people who display these “powers” are weird, or possessed by evil, or what? Have you, as an individual, ever utilitzed your psychic powers?


  1. In the past people displaying psychic powers have been
    Killed by various means for witchcraft
    Been accused of devil worship or possession and Killed
    Declared a Saint ( often after being persecuted and killed)
    Declaring psychic ability in the past, didn’t appear very healthy. In western culture, you might find your self with a TV camera pointed at you. Some other cultures still have the Death penalty for witchcraft.. No wonder so many hide their ability, even now.
    But in the near future when you get arrested by the police you many hear the line,
    “Any thing you say, do or THINK, can and will be used against you”
    Government employed Mindreaders? Big Brother really could be watching or listening NOW!!!!
    scrying, clairvoyance, Remote Viewing – yes
    Telepathy, intuition, yes. at lesser levels
    Not seen Telekinsis or pyrokensis

  2. I’m under 30 and I do know that those ‘powers’ exist BUT they come from Satan and his demons. There are countless bible accounts that cleary show that these are HIGHLY disapproved by God. They are VERY dangerous because they can put a person under demonic influence and they are MUCH powerful then we are. Remeber that the magic practicing priest of Egypt ALSO made thier rods turn into to snakes just as Moses did. This proves that there are ‘powers’ out there, BUT the snake made by Moses(using God’s power) ate the other two snakes, showing the God’s power is far superior. We all have a spiritual side so these ‘powers’ are interesting to many, but we must obey God if we want to benefit. He knows what is best for us because he created all things. He also know that Satan and his demons will do ANYTHING to capture a persons attention, because they have nothing to lose, they have already received judgement. They want nothing more than to take as many people with them as possible. (Revelation 12:9 -12) They are nothing to play or experiment with, and they WILL cause you and anyone else harm.

  3. children may have a much greater sense of imagination, and see less distinction between imagination and what grown-ups consider to be reality.
    if one accepts that reality has subjective as well as objective aspects, then as we grow up, we essentially lose sight/acceptance of the wide spectrum of subjective reality… that can be a survival skill, or it can be a weakness, when we need to think off things differently.
    Rather than an all/nothing approach to subjective reality, perhaps we should learn to re-accept subjectivity – but not so much we lose tract of (objective) reality. In other words, take an imaginative “what if?” approach to seemingly paranormal experiences, without needing/expecting them to overlap with shared reality, as a tool to see the universe differnetly from time to time.

  4. It’s becoming more and more “normal”. If you ever watch TV, there’s plenty os shows that show people doing things like that. The only power I have is the Holy Spirit.

  5. I use to toy around with energy manipulation type stuff (VERY minor) and feel things other people couldn’t as a kid… .but I thought it was completely normal until i was like in my teens…

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