Do people that believe in reincarnation tend to be less sympathetic to the disadvantaged?

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like they would believe it’s because of their previous sins that they have been born disabled etc
“Of course you can’t make a blanket statement about ALL people who believe in reincarnation” – very true

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Jon M dn ǝpıs sıɥʇ

Yes. I have noticed that.
Of course you can’t make a blanket statement about ALL people who believe in reincarnation, but the few I’ve known have either been casually dismissive of people’s suffering, or downright callous.
One friend told me in no uncertain terms, that every person who died in the Nazi Holocaust in WWII underwent that awful suffering because in some former life, they made others suffer the same, equal amount.
😮 !!!
Another one believed that, while it was “good” to work to allay poverty, disease, and human suffering, it would never be eradicated, because anybody who suffers is doing so because in that convenient other life, they’d done something to “mess up their karma.”
To me, it’s an unconscionable way to avoid having to take responsibility to help other people who are needy or hurting.

Overweight doomsayerz

Maybe they did.


No, because many of us don’t believe in sin but believe we are given a chance to do better in this life.

Guessses, A.R.T.

My Answer:NOPE!


I tend to think that souls are reincarnated to learn life lessons and evolve . .. therefore, I wouldn’t presume to understand why a soul would choose one path or another. All I can do is have compassion for all souls.

Gary Oster

Mmmm I hadn’t noticed either way. What I have noticed is that people who believe in reincarnation tend to have a profound respect for life on this plant.
Reminds me of a story where a friend went to throw a plum or peach pit into the ocean and a Buddhist friend panicked because of the belief that there was a soul in the seed that should have the opportunity to live this life and continue on its path.

Crystal Dolphin

Nope. I believe in karma and the law of return and that it could follow you into future incarnations, but it really does bother me to see anyone suffer in this life.


That doesn’t sound like the followers of Jesus, as he set an example by healing the disadvantaged and the first followers of Jesus “the Gnostic Jews” believed in reincarnation. In the modern world this could be true as they don’t have the knowledge and truth that Jesus taught with his message of love.

Witchy Mel

Well, although I believe in reincarnation, I still feel a lot of compassion for someone’s challenges in their current existence. Even if there is a reason they are going through, it still sucks.
I think that I would be more compassionate, if I knew that they had such a hard time learning a lesson, that they were repeating it again in a whole new life.
I don’t know how much I believe in someone being paralyzed in this life, for something bad they did in a past life and such things.
Sometimes people are here to teach us through thier disability and/or struggles. They could have been a great healer in a past life and come back mentally disabled, to teach in a different way.
But who knows for sure? Good question.

Dawn C

Definately not! Belief in reincarnation usually goes hand in hand with some form of belief in karma. What goes around comes around, you reap what you sow, etc. If you do not show compassion to the disadvantaged, you may be born into such a life next time in order to learn what it is like.
Yes, people may be born into unfortunate situations due to past wrongs. They also may be born disadvantaged because they are advanced souls wanting to use their gifts to help others in the same situation. Regardless, it isn’t our position to judge.
We each control our own actions and are responsible for our own karma. That means we each need to do what we can to help others if we wish to truly grow spiritually, without selfishness or worry about what we think that other person “deserves”.


It depends on the version of reincarnation one believes in. For me, I don’t believe that disadvantages in this life are a product of Karma from another life. I believe we all have something to learn from every challenge in our lives and we keep repeating incarnations until we’ve learned all we can here.
Does this make me less sympathetic? No, it makes me believe that I have yet another opportunity to learn through helping others.
As for Karma – I get the concept and believe it to some extent, but am more inclined to believe that karma will effect you in your current life (another learning opportunity) and that you won’t be carrying this with you into your next life.
But that’s just my belief. Can’t really speak for others.


I can see your idea, but the answer, at least in my case, is a resounding no. In my belief, you’re not born disabled as a punishment. Disability is a set of challanges, and we each must learn to overcome challanges in each life.

GorgeousTx Spurs fan2

No, that is asinine.
I do not believe that we pay in subsequent lives for our mistakes. Karma happens in the same lifetime.

Coach Lynne

Not at all. I don’t believe people are suffering because they need to be punished. I do not judge. I am here to love unconditionally. I am here to uplift others. So I do everything I can to help others that is my only purpose. Anyone we see can be tested us to see how we treat people.

Smokin' Dragon

First, as you can see from the above answers, people with a belief in reincarnation and karma would tend be more sympathetic with the disadvantaged.
Second, your statement is a wide misconception of the laws of karma among non-believers and believers alike. Karma deals with spiritual blessings/suffering and any blessings/suffering in this material world is incidental. For example, a person can be born with a disadvantage to learn a specific lesson in compassion, before she can rise to her next level of awareness. From this perspective, the disadvantage would be considered a blessing as it would be the quickest way to learn the lesson.
Hope this makes sense and hope it helps.

Alex F

The original schools of thought which came up with the notion of reincarnation were Buddhism and Taoism. Both of those spiritual practices also placed a huge emphasis on compassion (and for various meditation related reasons considered compassion to be tremendously important and valuable).
So on the surface, the answer would be no; if anything they are more sympathetic than normal people (although sympathy and compassion are not the same).
However, with any religious system that comes along, people later on twist it to fit their ideologies. For instance, the notion of Karma allowed the caste system to exist in India, which effectively said “anyone born into a bad place in society deserved it, and should continue suffering where they currently are.”
As a result, many people use the banner of reincarnation to justify their beliefs, such as laughing at people born less fortunately than them.
So, the question you posed depended on the people you are sampling. If the people believe in reincarnation as a component of their spiritual practice, then no. If people are just using reincarnation (as a socially accepted idea in the main stream), and they’re naturally prejudiced then it’s perfectly possible they are.
Hope that helps!


Only people who *think* they believe in reincarnation or believe it in a very primitive and superstitious way would be less sympathic. Those who intelligently accept reincarnation as fact are much more sensitive and compassionate than most “religious” people. A real reincarnationist doesn’t believe in “sin” — only in gaining knowledge. The nature of karma is to teach (not punish), and those who choose to undergo difficult lessons such as a disability deserve respect.


But would they support payong for a disabled persons health care or feed the poor? (Most likely at a national level since one person probably can’t afford to support a disabled person)


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