Home Discussion Forum Do people still have their homes blessed?

Do people still have their homes blessed?

I’m a practicing agnostic…but…a little ritual never hurt anyone. So should I call a priest, a shaman, the local wiccan society or is there a way to bless my new home that I haven’t considered?


  1. Of course we bless our homes, you want it freshened from any negative energy that may be left from the previous owners.
    You can bless your own home if you want. Find a book of shadows at the library. It is easily done.

  2. Have a hot chick over and Christen the carpet. Be sure to blog us about it once you do. Inquiring minds wanna know. lol

  3. my advice…….put wind chimes in all door entrances. Light 2 white candles and 1 blue candle. Put on some Gregorian Chant type music. Lay your body in the most central part of your house. Then close your eyes, open your mind and listen to the sound of ‘one hand clapping’.
    Either that or buy a Lucky Bamboo plant. Apparently they are said to enhance your ‘chi’. Plus…..they are hardy as hell.

  4. I was just in a question with MyTeemo, whose dog peed on him during a camping trip.
    I think that dog would be your best choice.

  5. I think you would like an orthodox priest doing it. It’s pretty cool and because they do it in the tongue of origin you will not find it offensive because you will have not idea what is going on. The insense smells great. It’s truely and experience. Seriously, it’s cool. Generally you need to make a $100 donation.

  6. Well, the last time I moved into a new home (which I lost, by the way) I got drunk and pissed all over the floor. Does that count?

  7. yes you can still get a home blessed.
    My husband got our home blessed when we moved in here.
    I guess it was sucessful
    Since then his daughter has moved in with her mom
    He lost an awesome job
    I got cancer
    but yeah go ahead. I am sure there was a disclaimer I missed
    “Your results may vary”
    seriously though we are all still alive 🙂

  8. A practicing agnostic? How do agnostics practice?
    Anyway…. Yes, people still have their houses blessed, and I’m sure you can find a nice voodoo shaman to do it for you.

  9. This is a vote for Mr. Sky’s answer!!! But also, while laying and listening on the floor, would bless is with my personal thoughts of what “Blessing” means to me for surely agnostics believe in something! Just be sure to empty your mind of all worldly concerns and listen for that inner voice!

  10. which ever one wouldnt mind sharing a drink with you and partaking in some vittles, would be the most ideal person to bless your new place.

  11. They bless everything here. Gas stations, baskets full of food at Easter, dogs, you name it. Houses for sure, just tip the priest on his way out.


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