Do people realize that gang stalking is a tool used to destroy our rights as Americans?






  1. They got my oldest daughter against me and my soon to be ex of a mega church is the one who is afraid to be exposed of his high crimes.

  2. What you say is the truth. Masons think they’re enlightened and that they are protecting some secret knowledge….the reality is that they’re afrasid of other people evolving…of their power.

  3. I dont know how it is with other victims but personally I researched my perps and came to conclusion they are Zionists. Im not nationalist btw, Im also liberal, not conservative.

  4. Gangstalking is real. It started for me about 6 years ago in Orange County and it has followed me around Southern California. I can tell you the Freemasons are probably behind it. After doing a little research, I came across G4S Securities. These guys are the largest private security company in the world. I’m certain they are behind my gangstalking. G4S is in cahoots with corrupt cops and firemen, perhaps Freemasons. Organized Stalking has to be federally funded. Private contractors like G4S that specialize in surveillance are given big contracts to mess with people, drive them batty. G4S also owns GEO Group which specializes in detention, corrections, and mental health treatment. In my opinion, it’s G4S + Freemasons = Gangstalking

  5. freemasons are dangerious I ve been stalked by over 100 of them I use to live with one and didn’t no it and all of a sudden my 3 month old son died????? and like 2 months after his death I found out that the guy I was living with is a mason b 4 all this I neaver new what a mason was please help me

    • Hold on Sherry, my then husband was part a Satantic cult, I found out after my kids talked divorced Him but been stalked ever since. Going on 30 years. Boy the things I’ve learned. First you must keep them on the out side of your home, the little things that they do are just a distraction for them being able to into you’re home probably at nite they will give you the date rape drug and put you to sleep, then while in you’re home little things will start breaking nothing big thow. But breaking at an alarming rate. This is what works for me and my family
      Break the WHOLE key off in the door, smack the end with a hammer to spread the key any tip of anything will still open the door, pour epoxy in to too.
      Use wood in all windows make them just a hair longer so you half to hammer the board in place. Gone is the time of sleeping or leaving a room window open when being gang stalked.
      For all internal doors get hook locks, and when hooked in place use slide lock on top, so a knife can’t slide the hook lock open.
      Don’t use a wifi security system, they have the equipment to interfere with the signal and it’s very easy when you have Black Opps equipment.
      Make you’re security in layers, if one is breached they still won’t be able to get in.
      Remember they are all about poison, and inhancing any medical problem you have. DO NOT TAKE FLOROQUINOLINE ANTIBIOTICS these are used to make you so sick you can’t protect yourself.
      The Police also have gang stalkers so be careful when reporting.
      Remember an outside gang stalker is better than an in you’re house stalker. Be safe

  6. I was stalked once in The City.
    Financed by the Hallinan family,
    Stalkers included (Vid and Audio on all stalkers)
    Mark Brule ‘The Decorative Painter’
    Don’t let this punk in your house…ever.
    Wardell Fincher, San Francisco..
    Thom Christensen
    Just a few

  7. The Masonic members are brainwashed. They are people who have the type of personalties where they need to be part of a group. The are not free thinkers. The targets are the free-thinkers. The Masons have been dong this for centuries . They believe that they are better than non-members and non-members are a free for all as far as abuse. You can not reason with most of them since they have a severe mental illness that dose not fit for reason. Many have accepted the mark of the beast. They have traded their souls for knowledge from Satan and the power that he has given them.

    • What you say is the truth. Masons think they’re enlightened and that they are protecting some secret knowledge….the reality is that they’re afrasid of other people evolving…of their power.

  8. Stalked in IN…..
    Gang Stalking is as real as it gets. I have been stalked since at least 2006. Still going on now. I have been drugged/poisened in different ways. Neighbors have been lied to. They use my neighbors house to conduct their “so called investigations”. Just last week two days in a row my hood was popped so it was unlatched. Luckily it did not come up while driving 60 mph. In Oct 2008 driving from FL to IN, a bolt on my brakes mysteriously disappeared. Lucky for me a voice told me to pull over on an exit. I was able to get my bolt replaced. The brake pad and wheel cylinder housing was loose and grinding into the aluminum wheel. Could have gotten ugly. God or an Angel is watching over me, or both.

  9. All are criminals.. Freemasons… dirty masonic cops.
    dirty judges…,neighbors,low level porch dogs….pure masonic evil…These masons, most of them , are the product after ww2..
    this sick mind control shit was imported by the deranged cia, which is pure masonic. Masonic controlled CIA brought 1500 nazi scientists over hear after the war to experiment and produce mind control technichs.. they succeeded.
    dirty cops are highly programmed by trigger words to stalk..
    ever notice how robotic some are ???
    care to learn more

  10. My experience is that they are not vigliantes although they play on vigliante concerns of the general public through slander. My experience is that it is an organized crime organization and their motivation is money. A whistebower or “troublemaker” is stopping a course of action of a high up criminal and a “hit” is put out on that target. What I find troubling is their efficacy in destroying innocent life and their ability to throw complete nonsense in the air and people eat it up like candy. Human nature never ceases to amaze.

  11. Short Ans to gang stalking is a tool use to force an individual to commit suicide. Yahoo or Google “gang stalking suicide” …….. Happens a lot in San Francisco bayarea and all the over United States. Some may goes into mass killing because of it.
    Something you can do to reduce or eliminate it.
    Inform victims to use mass e-mail to educate the community around them and else where.
    1. Use email spider to search and locate all email addresses of interested sites; colleges, news media etc. ( A good one I found is from}
    2. Use Email extrator to extract all e-mail address from email spider… use excel to make minor adjustments. and the format “Names, E-mail, Notes” to import to google email contact list………….. use groups to organized thousands of email… and send e-mail as a group.. (I use Email and Data Extrator Pro 3.3.0 from
    3. Consider using a mass – email service something like $29 / month to distribute 100,000 emails a month to all public officials and educators.
    5. Educate everybody before doing something stupid, well at least we know why you did what you did.

  12. I am of the opinion that the majority of those who participate in organized stalking/gang stalking are not fully aware of the effect they are having on those who are targeted. They only do what they are told to do, like little sheep. Most are probably not aware that the intended purpose is to have the target institutionalized, blacklisted, and homeless.
    From what I have seen, it appears that the majority of these stalkers are doing this because they think they are helping the community in some way. What way that is, I’m not exactly sure. They have been manipulated, in some fashion, to believe that vigilante justice is better than the use of our traditional court system.
    There are, of course, many who are forced into becoming informants because they got busted for a crime and had a choice of facing the consequenses, or becoming an informant. This type of gangstalker is the most dangerous because they are probably the ones who are doing the vandalism and break-ins that gangstalking targets experience. I guess they feel like since they got immunity from their original crime they can do whatever they like, at the targets expense.
    Eventually, this WILL come out on the main stream media. It is very unfortunate that that is what it is going to take before people actually believe that this IS happening. Either that, or they find themselves, or a family member, a target of this extra-judicial form of harassment.

  13. Kill them all. Just shoot them. Keeping it simple.
    Forcing them to organize into a coherent body to object to the treatment (as the KKK had to do, pro-lifers have to do, cults have to do….) an organization whose sole function are criminal enterprises are now being prosecuted under RICO and those children are getting federal time. Which is wonderful news.
    I see it as a form of treason in that they are promoting the overthrow albeit indirectly of the government, of course I think treason is auto death penalty stuff. Anyway, it diverts the cost of prosecution away from the state thereby allowing the states to concentrate on rebuilding what the gangs are destroying.
    Been there, seen that, and it is all bad.

    • “what is gang stalking?,, is it gangs stalking us ,,stalking is illegal”
      Masons and their agents are above the law and in great position to ‘lose’ evidence!
      Got Dead Presidents?

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