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Do people (particularly atheist) believe in chakras?

I was looking into meditation, and during my separate research on Y!A, a person said that it was absolute nonsense. Now, this answer was given without any further explanation as to why this person didn’t believe that it exist. They just put “Atheist” as their source. And this answer got best answer.

Now, I find this answer interesting, because I’m atheist myself and I know that chakra has very little to do with belief in a God. It’s more about the belief that energy travels through the body. And one can’t say that the concept of energy isn’t logical or that it doesn’t exist, because energy is a major subject in multiple aspects of science (as well as other subjects), and in life in general.

So I would like to hear the opinion of others on this subject. I mean, I don’t know if it is real, but I wouldn’t say that it isn’t just because I’m atheist. That’s just stupid.

And Christians, if you’re going to say something about the devil, then save it.
religious belief – a strong belief in a supernatural power or powers that control human destiny

chakra- (in yoga) any of the seven major energy centers in the body

By definition, the belief in chakra is NOT a religious belief
“Glee” you need to learn how to COMPREHEND what you’re reading BEFORE you make yourself look like a complete ass. I didn’t say that the concept of chakra was scientific, I merely said that concept of ENGERY was scientific. I was saying that the notion of chakra may not be too far off since the core of it relates to a scientifically proven subject. Nor did I say that I believe in chakra. I just was curious about how other atheist see this subject.

And to call the idea “horsesh*t” or a myth is not very scientific is it? The one thing that’s always stressed is that almost everything in science is just a theory. Nothing is for certain. A well accepted theory can be unproven today or tomorrow. Before you write something off, remember that if everything was written off before given a chance then we wouldn’t be where we are today.

I swear, people like you are the reason why atheist have a bad way of it.


  • This is about the force of nature achieved through pure food, truth and balance of body and mind. I discovered this by accident and it is all true. I don’t believe in God – The great power is mother nature.

  • im not really sure where im at with that
    i dont doubt these things are as possible as any other spiritual things
    but, i just, dont know much about it to be honest
    no where near enough to make a real decision

    i think its posible chakras do ‘exist’ and ‘work’ when you deal with them

    seeing as i believ ein energy anyway and the probability of souls, and a lot of other spiritual stuff, i dont see its a big leap, but, im not a beleiver as much as i am a skeptical agnostic beleiver

  • Meditation has been shown to have demonstrable health benefits by lowering stress and helping with relaxation.
    However, those benefits don’t come from the superstitious and lacking-evidence mythical ideas of “chakras,” they come from lowering levels of stress hormones and inducing the release of beneficial hormones and chemicals.

    Energy is a real thing — the idea that you can somehow “control” or “channel” some mystical, poorly-defined “energy” has no basis in fact.


  • I don’t believe in chakras.

    It isn’t that there’s anything wrong with believing in energy (however that might be defined). The issue is that:

    1 – Chakras are supposed to be physical points where energy can be received and/or transmitted to an ethereal body of some sort…the specifics differ depending on whether we’re talking about ancient Indian medical practices, New Age stuff, or theosophical texts. I don’t believe that we have any such body. Why would I? And if there is no such body, then why would I believe in connection points such as chakras?

    2 – Energy dissipates. It doesn’t pool in certain areas. That’s just the nature of energy. It’s essentially what thermodynamics is really all about. The best you could do is temporarily tie energy up in a chemical form, and later use more energy to break the molecule (which is essentially how batteries and ATP work). But that’s also why I hate when people through the “E” word around. You need to define your terms. We happen to know how energy is stored in the body, and we know it isn’t in 7 places in a straight line. It’s in every single living cell (well, except red blood cells, but there are lots of ways in which those are different from other cells…but explaining that would be a long tangent).

    3 – It isn’t about a god or gods. Gods and chakras are two different things, and a person could very well believe in chakras and be an atheist. There’s no contradiction there.

    But the question is: is there a reason to suppose that chakras are real? The fact is, there isn’t.

  • I’m an atheist and I agree that atheism has nothing to do with chakras. It’s on an axis of how likely you think god(s) exist and not on any other.
    Chakras are another subject. I don’t believe in them myself, I think they are just another “magic” mumbo jumbo.

  • Chakra’s are not scientific. They are myth. You need to learn what you are talking about before you make a claim you cannot back up with rational thinking and facts. However, god belief has nothing to do with chakra belief. One may not believe in gods, thus being an atheist and still believe in loads of other horsesh*t.

    EDIT: Meditation is not intrinsically linked to chakras. There is evidence that meditation is a method by which the mind may be trained to respond certain ways to certain stimuli. EX: It can lessen the physical startle response to loud, unexpected noises.

    You are also misrepresenting what chakras are and the beliefs surrounding them when you suggest that they must not be nonsense if belief in them is basically , “belief that energy travels through the body”. Really? How do those beliefs relate to actual biological processes? Do you know?

  • Although you can be an atheist and still have religious beliefs, they are still religious beliefs. Yes, we know for a fact that energy is real, but there is no scientific evidence in support of the chakra concept of it. Meditation, however, has been proven to have medical value. When I get very anxious, I close my eyes, breath slowly, and focus on a pleasant mental image.

    And by “religious” belief, I mean belief in something that is not supported by science. Religious belief can also mean “to come to a conclusion without valid evidence”.

  • ▐▀▀▼▀▀▌ â–º McLoâ—„ ▐▄▄▲▄▄▌ says:

    another made up concept for a supernatural phenomena? no thnx.

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