Do people have an energy called Chakra?






  1. No. a chakra is a vortex like opening that allows the integration and use of energy within your system.
    the actual energy we utilize in many forms is Quantum energy(smallest) and is small flashing packages of light, how healthy and balanced we are is determined by our ability to absorb this light.
    the most common reference for energy is chi which is earth based as a rule. by drawing on chi you enhance your abilities and strength are more aware of movement and intention around you.

  2. There are no absolute right answers to this question. Instead of giving the one true answer to this, below are several different opinions.
    1) Chakra doesn’t exist. Everything the Chakra model tries to explain can be explained with body mechanics, biophysics, and psychology. There is no need to postulate some mysterious force. Science can explain it.
    2) Chakra exists absolutely. Chakra is an energy, a living force, a spirit that can be used to increase your strength, throw people around, etc. Subjective experience shows that Chakra is real. It may either be a bio-kinetic phenomena science doesn’t understand yet or the power of the mind in union with the body.
    3) Chakra may or may not “really” exist. It is a useful model. The Chakra model allows you to visualize how to increase your strength, throw people around, etc.–it doesn’t matter if it exists or not. If someone invents a better model (i.e. one that is easier to visualize), then maybe we’ll switch to it.
    Of the styles that stress Chakra, some work on developing the flow of Chakra within their bodies. An example of this approach is Taijiquan., although they call it Chi. Other styles work on letting the Chakra of the universe flow through them.

  3. well, chakra which is an energy system the indians believe in. Chinese belive in chi, and other countries too have what we like to call vital energy. If you take yoga classes there is seven chakra centers in which the chakra flows. Everyone has to have energies to survive. Alot of people going out saying they have mystical powers, now thats crap. But with the chakras, it is true, and understanding them and balancing can lead to great health benefits.

  4. Chakra (sanskrit word meaning “wheel”) is based on a Hinduism teaching of energy points within the body (7 linear points) through the body. Placement and number differ throughout history (usually between 5 and 8). Very roughly, they are like energy gates through which biophysical/metaphysical energy enters the body and is stored. The imbalance of energy within the chakras is meant to explain things like emotional imbalances and anxieties.
    Many other cultures adopted the Chakras as part of the spread of Buddhism. Most associations in chinese tend to correspond to pressure points, while some modern people believe they are associated with major endocrine glands (this however seems to rely on a 7 chakra model that was developed somewhere around the 11th century AD).
    As for any form of metaphysical energy, there is simply no reliable way in science to accurately explain and test for metaphysical energies within the body. Generally, however, the energy that flows within the body is referred to as Qi/Chi/Ki/Gi in asian cultures, with the first recorded mention being the Analects of Confucius, 479 BC.

  5. nope just mythology BS lile religion, souls, chi, tooth fairy, loch ness monster, etc. i cant believe people are this ignorant or gullible/ stupid.

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