Do people ever try following our human soul prints across time?If history is repeated, a new age seems futile?

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When we entered the period that came to be called the “Age of Enlightenment” which gave us gifts for our development yet also left another shadow, another “endarkening” (so to say) over the treasures from these ancient ways.
Just like shamanism, oracle practices, divination and other ancient ‘sourcing’ methods, alchemy became known as an “occult” science. “Occult” means “darkened, hidden, or obscured.”
Yet alchemy, along with these other ancient practices, and various so-called “pagan” ways, has as its true purpose understanding the nature of the soul, its development and its relationship to the natural world.
Alchemists, shamans, and other spiritual practitioners found that they could escape persecution and death by using the “trickster” powers available to them. Some “pretended” (wittingly or unwittingly) to adopt institutionalized religion and incorporated certain aspects of their own practices under the institution’s umbrella. Thus we have the Christmas Tree, derived from ancient reverential practices within the sacred evergreen groves during the long Winter, when all seemed dark yet the evergreens spoke of hope, of the “greening” time which follows the darkness. There are many such examples found within Christian and Judaic practices. Without their knowing, these people continue to honor the ancient practices.Pagan is a word derived from the Latin “pagus” meaning “country.”
What can be done other than try to explain or soul prints across history?

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OK….so, how exactly do you follow a human soul print?

I got you babe.

Respectfully…you can forget about how what you are trying to describe has been referred to in the past and get back to basics. Just be YOU. It’s that simple really.
When it gets right down to “it” labels mean absolutely nothing but the meaning we give to them. We are not the labels we sometimes give to ourselves or identify with. The ego loves to use labels and say “I am this, or, I am that.” When you just “are” with no words used after it. That is all.
Also, never follow anyone or anything, start from scratch, start with your own Truth, not someone else’s or someone else’s “idea” of what Truth should be. “Discover, or uncover, your OWN.” This is success. 🙂


1) Do people ever try following our human soul prints across time?
Human soul magnifying glasses are pretty rare, so I guess few of them are being employed in such a pursuit.
2) If history is repeated, a new age seems futile?
One of the first lessons in an honest-to-goodness history course is that history never repeats itself.

☼ GÆ–Æ¡ÏŽ ✞ Ñ ÉªÎ·Ç¥s ☼

I was raised to believe certain way and so-called truths. As I have come into the “autumn” of my life, I began to question these things. Many stories and beliefs did not make sense.
So, I took it upon myself to find the real Truth. I have learned so much from reading books of religious antiquity and mysteries, myths and… Stories, rites and religious practices that were ‘borrowed’ from what you have mentioned here, and more.
I have found so much more than I thought possible. I thank the Lord God above for being with me through all I have read and learned, to show me His Truth in all of it. Knowledge is truly necessary for faith in the One God above.


A new has end end has new, our prints show mankind as a whole evolves, and is evolving quickly, the joint effort of so many establishing truth is awesome in itself, so we turn a new age, that is how it is done, a future tile, not for you or me, but for the children, their future, it is not for us to decide the times, time does not belong to us, but it is a duty to do the best we can until that time, an honor, you know, when people dwell in darkness, the only place to go is to light, when someone is brought into light out of darkness, they know the path it took to get there, everybody takes a path of some sort, it is what the soul does in life, journey, of one sort or another, kind of like looking for a home, all the trinkets are just that, trinkets, this is all about spirit, not the physical world, the physical world is affected by the Spirit, this is all about looking in your Mind, in your Heart, as spirit, all spirit, and then looking around to see just what has a Mind and Heart in spirit, something that can perform by thought whether of one or more members is an entity, if you look at all things in spirit, the world takes form, the earth, the people of a place are a moving body, a government has a moving body, like little ants, LOL, all of putting programming into a single body of knowledge, one that basically says God loves everyone, and it is easy to see some basic things, that we know God exists, love is one of them, truth is another, to work together to establish truth, not try to bury, the truth is going to complete in time, nobody can stop that, most things are fairly basic, I would say there are two sides to an individual, and that two sides has two sides, that is the good and evil of the spirit in a person, and the good and evil of the flesh, there are only two sides to a war, when you start looking at everything in spirit, then colors get vibrant. There is information everywhere, in a few short hours you can research the depths of time, that is amasing, so we have all this confusion, confusion, con=together+fuse=to pour, LOL, what gets me is God tells us in the end days the spirit will be poured out, but people think to much in physical, when I think about a plague, I think of a spiritual plague, or a pshycological plague.

pasquale garonfolo

“Occult” may mean concealed, kept away from the knowledge of … foes.
Alchemists, shamans, “alternative” practitioners of all sorts of “spirituality” in Europe often had to try and keep away their experiments and their experiences from the knowledge of the authorities; we have many examples of people / heretics tortured and burned at the stake by the Christian authorities of their time.
So-called pagans, and others, were no longer allowed to keep their gods and to practise their beliefs when Christianity came into power; also, when Christian authorities came ashore to the New World, they repressed and even tried to completely annihilate the local ways of religion and of culture; also, we nowadays can see how many Christian temples and shrines and crosses are installed in the place or in the face of important archaeological remnants from the older ages in Europe.
It may be right to say “When we entered the period that came to be called the “Age of Enlightenment” which gave us gifts for our development yet also left another shadow, another “endarkening” (so to say) over the treasures from ancient ways. Just like shamanism, oracle practises, divination and other ancient ‘sourcing’ methods, alchemy became known as “occult” sciences.”
it may be right to declare that “alchemy, along with other practises, and various so-called “pagan” ways, has as its true purpose”
to sincerely trying and
“understanding the nature of the soul, its development and its relationship to the natural world.”
Also, “alchemists, shamans, and other spiritual practitioners found” (I will say hoped) “that they could escape persecution by the authorities by using the powers (of secrecy) available to them”.
What can be done in trying and explaining “soul prints across history” may be to allow all soul prints to glowingly manifest themselves free, in the open where they freely may be evaluated and explained. But alas, there are still places in the world where your job can be taken from you if you will manifest some alternative soul’s thoughts; there are still places in the world where you may be doomed to stoning or beheading or hanging to your death if you will dare go against the local imposed religious faith. In Europe, and due to the stronger power of illuminated secular civilization / authorities, the Christian religious authority can now only doom you, and “spiritually”, to not more than perennial Hell if you dare publicly express your heretic views; but you still will have to be prudent, as lawless fanatics may decide and murder you or burn down your house if you declare something that they cannot accept.
Also, a new age may not be futile, and a glowing spiritual and material human metamorphosis, even one never thought of, may be possible.
Amen. Have chances of merrier thoughtless laughs in good company or more sublimely all on your own.


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