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Do people cling to concepts because they were taught to fear the mystery that surrounds and informs life?

Is it Kundalini Shakti or concepts that is/are dangerous?


  1. There was no spirituality, or Bible teaching or going to church at my house growing up. I knew something was missing.

  2. Personally I don’t feel my life is a mystery and I don’t cling to concepts, or fear what is or was and neither do I fear what is coming.

  3. i follow my heart and cling to my own concepts of what makes my soul feel whole. i was taught that jesus is the only way and I don’t even come close to believing that.

  4. Religion is basically misinterpretations of ancient peoples knowledge of the cosmos. Misinterpreted due to fear of the unknown and the inability to explain things. By explaining things even if it is absolutely absurd made people feel better. Once these false ideas became widely believed and people gained power through them those people didn’t want to lose their power so they did things such as came up with words like heresy which in the day was punishable by death. Think people. Stop being controlled by your fears.

  5. Unfortunately, yes. People fear what they don’t understand, but there is no fear in truth. The truth sets us free. There is so much more to life than what is taught in the churches. That includes Karma, reincarnation, and Kundalini Shakti, just to name a few “esoteric” terms. There is nothing hidden from us. “Seek and ye shall find,” Jesus said it himself.
    It’s those same simple minds that can’t get over what the “correct” name is for God or whether to keep Saturday or Sunday Holy that keep them in the dark…who cares? It has nothing to do with spirituality.

  6. Concepts and the limited abilities of the mind are the only thing keeping us from reality and peace.

  7. People are taught to fear what they cannot see, feel, taste or hear. The shedding of these concepts can only be realized through accepting their own inner concepts. Are we afraid of creating our own path through the forest? The fears of others became our fears, but as soon as this is realized a mysterious inner change begins.
    Concepts are paralyzing!


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