Do people actually have an aura and can these auras be seen with the naked eye?






  1. this question belongs somewhere else other than biology. but i believe people have auras but are not necessarily seen by the naked eye, but more sensed. If you’ve ever met a person and they seem to have a good or bad air about them, that is like their aura you are sensing.

  2. Gulableness?? does that word even exist? I’ve read that people do have auras, however I am not yest evolved enough to see them, but some day maybe 🙂

  3. Your body has an electrical field around it sometimes called the aura. When losing a limb the extremity lost still produces what is called a ghost arm. Sometimes this ghost arm can still be felt by others even though the limb is gone. My martial arts instructor lost his right arm in an accident, but I could still feel the sensations from it when sparring
    I don’t believe that an aura can be seen with the naked eye. There have been photographs of the aura.

  4. People do have auras, it’s the “bubble” caused by your body heat, and yes, some people can see them, not everyone can though.

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