Home Discussion Forum Do other animals other than humans have self-consciousness?

Do other animals other than humans have self-consciousness?

Trace the various components of human evolution.If you could suggest 10 present day animals which have ancient fossils.
It’s important.


  1. It’s a vexed question. Self-consciousness needs to be defined as the mental link or ones awareness of oneself as an individual or of one’s own being, actions, or thought. Self-consciousness is complex multi-leveled in humans. For example; I am self-conscious that when I look in the mirror, the reflection is me. Even without the mirror I know I am myself, I can also know that I am feeling happy or depressed. For animals of course it’s difficult to do studies to know if they feel or are aware of who or what they are. However, afew studies have been conducted on the ‘red dot on the forehead’ experiment. Chimps were given a mirror, they look at themselves for a time. To see if they associate the reflection with being themselves they are next given a red spot on their forehead without their knowledge. When given a mirror again, most of the chimpanzees will immediately try to rub out the spot from their forehead. This experiments supports the idea that some animals have an awareness of self. In contrast, to another mirror experiment where crows attack their reflections thinking it’s another bird.

  2. 10 present day animals with ancient fossils. . .umm. . .reptiles, especially crocodiles. If insects count, then mosquitoes and some types of beetles. Those are the only ones I know.
    As to the self-consciousness question (which I’m assuming is a separate question), the answer is yes. Recently researchers did an experiment with dolphins and found that they do have self-consciousness, and I’m assuming that other (perhaps not all) animals have it as well.


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