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Do only famous people reincarnate?

It seems in a lot of cases of past life regression most people were Cleopatra or similar…


  1. and Hitler, Mussolini, Jesus….
    who wants to admit being Joe Jones, pig farmer from Wales, in their former life?

  2. Yeah, I’ve noticed.
    It seems that nobody is content with the delusion of coming back as “Joe Schmoe”.
    Baffling, isn’t it?!

  3. I know many will disagree. But there are three realms of reality. The physical, the quantum and the virtual.
    There is verifiable proof of the material and the quantum and there will soon be verifiable proof of the virtual. Once this happens many things that have been “hidden” will be revealed. Late March or early April are not that far away!
    Oops! I forgot to mention I have always been content to be unknown.
    Best Regards

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